Yuto Horigome (skateboarder) Biography, Wiki, Olympics’ 1st Skateboarding gold, Age, Awards, Biodata

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Who is Yuto Horigome?

Yuto Horigome born on January 7, 1999, is a Japanese professional skateboarder. He is the first person to win a Gold Medal in skateboarding at the Olympics, during the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Yuto Horigome wins Olympics’ 1st ever skateboarding gold

Yuto Horigome of Japan claimed the first Olympic gold medal in skateboarding after recovering his composure with high-scoring tricks in the final rounds of an event held in his hometown of Tokyo on Sunday.

Kelvin Hoefler of Brazil won silver in the men’s street skating competition, while Jagger Eaton of the United States clinched the bronze.

In a nail-biting final, Horigome stumbled through the two initial runs but recovered his signature cool in landing four of the five final tricks, earning 9.50 in the second-to-last run.

After his win, Horigome told Japanese broadcaster NHK the Games were a culmination of years of work.

“I know it’s simple but I’m really happy,” he said, describing how he gave the final tricks everything after his disappointing runs. “I was stressing out inside, but I was able to turn it around with my best tricks,” he said.

Nyjah Huston, a star U.S. skateboarder who was expected to challenge Horigome for the gold, crumbled after landing the first trick in the final, eventually finishing in seventh place.

Earlier, Horigome, who grew up in the same city ward where the Olympic skateboarding venue is located, said he still couldn’t believe skateboarding made it into the Olympics.

Skateboarding’s inclusion into the Olympics marks a turning point for the sport, which has its roots in youth street culture and has influenced everything from art to fashion.

Yuto Horigome Biography, Wiki

Yuto Horigome was born in Tokyo, Japan. He has two younger brothers. Horigome started skating when he was seven years old. He started skating in the local Amazing Square Murasaki Skatepark in Tokyo, Japan. He went skating with his father, a former street skateboarder, who taught Horigome how to ride a skateboard. Since the age of 14, Horigome has been coming to the United States on several skate trips.

Due to all the traveling, Horigome finished Japanese high school from a virtual online school. When in the United States, Horigome stays at friend’s places, including pro skateboarder Micky Papa, in Los Angeles, United States. Horigome stays in the United States in winter periods due to the cold season in Japan. Since Horigome’s move to United States, he has been competing in numerous American skateboarding events such as Tampa Am and Dew Tour, as well as participating in filming parts.

Yuto Horigome Professional Skateboarding Career

By an early age, Yuto Horigome got sponsored by a Japanese board company. Because of his talent at an early age, Horigome wanted to try his luck in the United States. In 2015, Horigome entered the skate contest Wild In The Parks, held by Volcom and The Berrics in Los Angeles. Horigome finished 2nd. In Los Angeles, he stayed at a filmer’s place and went out filming some skating parts alongside Micky Papa, who was at that time sponsored by Blind Skateboards. Soon after, Micky Papa talked to the team manager and Horigome joined the Blind Skateboards team in 2015. In January 2019, Horigome left the Blind Skateboards team. In May 2019, Horigome joined April Skateboards, owned by pro skater Shane O’Neill, who turned Horigome pro.

Yuto Horigome World Skateboarding Ranking

Horigome is currently ranked 2nd on the World Skate Ranking (Street) with 62,480 points. The ranking is currently topped by Nyjah Huston with 67,080 points.

Yuto Horigome Sponsorships

As of 2021, Yuto Horigome is sponsored by Nike SB, April Skateboards, Venture and Spitfire.

Yuto Horigome Personal honours

Horigome has been named as “Skater of the Year” at the Japan Action Sports Awards in 2017 and 2018.

Yuto Horigome wins Olympics’ 1st ever skateboarding gold

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