Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati Wikipedia, Biography, Controversy, and More | Who is Narsinghanand?

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Who is Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati?

Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati is a hard core Hindu fundamentalist. His pursuit to radicalized Hindu youths has taken him away from the core of Hinduism. It is not possible to keep off eyes away from the way he is spewing venom against Muslims. There is absolutely nothing wrong in being a hard core Hindu.

However, one should differentiate between a hard-core Hindu and a radicalized Hindu who is threatening civil war against Muslims. Narsinghanand Saraswati belongs to the latter category.

The brutal murder of Kamlesh Tiwari is tragic. But, in the name of murder, some people have started to abuse, threaten and mock the Prophet. Criticize, if you want. Be logical. Don’t mock your own countrymen. Understand the core of Hinduism – Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam.

Narsinghanand Wiki/Bio

According to Narsinghanand, he completed his Master’s from what was then known as Moscow Institute of Chemical Machine Building. Once he completed his course, he said, he worked “as an engineer and headed marketing teams” at several companies in the Russian capital as well as in London. After over nine years abroad, he added, he returned to India in 1997.

“I felt that I was born to do something big, so I thought I should return and try my hands in politics,” Narsinghanand said.

“My father worked with the Ministry of Defence but, before Partition, he had also been with the Congress. I had seen him discuss politics, so I thought maybe I can be a politician too,” he added.

On his return to India, Narsinghanand said, he started teaching mathematics, which he claims is a strength.

“I won the All Europe Olympiad (sic) in mathematics in 1992. So, I thought I should teach children,” he added. “But after that, I got an offer from the Samajwadi Party to lead their youth brigade. I thought I would start as a youth leader and then slowly get into mainstream politics,” he said.

ThePrint spoke to Samajwadi Party members for information about Narsinghanand’s stint with the outfit, but no one seemed to remember him.

Personal Life:

Name: Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati

Nick Name:

Date of Birth:

Age: 48 Years




Educational Qualification:–         


College: Graduate

Caste: Rajput

Relationship Status: Married

News and Controversies: Yati Narasinghanand has been booked for inflammatory speech that he had given after the murder of Kamlesh Tiwari.

Family Details:–         

Spouse/Husband: NA–         

Children: One son-        


Contact: Mobile Number: 8853348304

Email: [email protected]

Interesting Facts:–         

Narsinghananda was once arrested by Chandigarh police because he had gone for self-immolation before Haryana CM residence.

 Narsighananda is working in the Western UP for Hinduism. He is the Mahant of Dasna Devi Temple.

Latest Tweets Related to Him

An ‘army’ against Islamic State

In 2016, Narsinghanand gathered hundreds of his followers to start a “dharam sena (religious army)” to fight the Islamic State.

More than 50 centres at ashrams in western UP were allegedly engaged to give arms training — in swords, knives and firearms — to Hindu boys and men between the ages of 8 and 25 years.

Narsinghanand said the step was meant for the “welfare” of the nation.

“Kids and youth were trained to fight terrorists of the Islamic State. What is wrong with that? We were just creating our parallel army, but police did not understand this and they shut down the training centres and put our boys behind bars,” he added.

He was booked by police in the matter. Another Arms Act case was filed in 2017 when a dozen of Narsinghanand’s followers allegedly fired gunshots in the air during “shastra puja”, a tradition associated with Dussehra where arms are worshipped. Police said the firearms used by his followers were not licensed and hence illegal, but Narsinghanand sees the entire incident as observing tradition.

“Yes, my boys did fire in the air but that is how shastra puja is done. What is the big deal?” he said.

Narsinghanand has been arrested twice, but managed bail on both occasions.

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  1. He quoted the facts! He didn’t declare war…he merely told us to defend! We are not children of gandhi but Ram and we defend against anyone who tries to kill our dharma! I support him!

  2. Ek din ayega jb tujhe pata chlega jb mout ka frishra tere galeez ruh ko nikalega yaad rakhle tujh jaise karadoin ajaye phr kuch ukhad nhi poage, islam failta rahega tum jaise keedoin me aisa dumhi nhi k islam ko ankh utha k bhi dekhle.

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