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World Heart Day is one of the most significant campaigns that educate people about heart diseases and encourage them to live a healthier way of life. This day is observed on the 29th of September with different themes every year. The theme this year is “Harnessing the power of digital health to improve awareness, prevention, and management of CVD globally is our goal for Word Heart Day 2021.”

With the day just near We’ve brought you some messages, wishes, and quotes you can send to family members and your friends. In addition, to commemorate the occasion, you can make them you’re WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram status.

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World Heart Day 2021: Quotes

  • A happy heart can be a gorgeous place that will never let you down. peace! – Mehmet Murat Ildan
  • Together, individuals with strong minds and hearts can make a difference in the world. – William J. Clinton
  • It is essential to cultivate a positive attitude and a healthy heart to the greatest extent you can. In this way, happiness in the short and long term for yourself and your loved ones will be a result. – Dalai Lama
  • It is important to adhere to your convictions, otherwise, you’re living a fake life. – Eric Mabius
  • Today, we’re in a position in which extreme heart disease is the leading death guzzler in the United States currently. – Jamie Oliver
  • A happy heart is worth gold. – William Shakespeare
  • A well-informed mind and a healthy heart are always a powerful combination. – Nelson Mandela
  • I’m offering life lessons as well as suggestions on how to care for your heart’s emotional side since it is heart disease that is the most common fatality in America. – Leeza Gibbons.
  • We’re currently in a time in which heart disease, especially extreme weight, is the leading cause of death in our country at present. – Jamie Oliver
  • A heart that is loving is the best wisdom. – Charles Dickens
  • A healthy diet that is controlled in carbohydrates reduces the risk factors for heart disease. – Robert Atkins
  • One of the most crucial things to remember in disease is to never be discouraged. – Nikolai Lenin
  • Keep your love alive in your heart. Life without love is as if you’re in a deserted garden with no flowers. – Unknown
  • A healthy diet that is controlled in carbohydrates reduces the risk factors for heart disease. – Robert Atkins

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World Heart Day 2021: Wishes

  • Set a goal to run each day to reduce your weight. Happy World Heart Day.
  • For World Heart Day, all of us should join forces to fight all types of cardiovascular illnesses.
  • Be sure to listen to your inner voice. Happy World Heart Day.
  • A heart with good quality is something people are attracted by. Happy World Heart Day.
  • Do not let your heart go regardless of the situation. It is the best method to overcome all sorts of difficulties. Happy World Heart Day.
  • Let’s make people aware of the dangers of heart disease during World Heart Day.
  • An active and healthy heart can be a vital element to happiness. Happy World Heart Day.
  • A healthy heart is crucial in order to not be away from your loved family members. Happy World Heart Day.
  • The heart that is healthy is the most important source of power. Happy World Heart Day.
  • This World Heart Day, start making every effort to ensure your heart is healthy.

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World Heart Day 2021: Messages & Greetings

  • If you’re in good health with your heart, you will have a long and happy life. …. Encourage family members to have an examination of their heart during World Heart Day for an easy life ahead.
  • Don’t ignore any issue with your heart as it could cost you in the future.
  • The best method to keep your heart and lungs in good condition is to eat right and getting enough sleep. Also, avoid doing anything that causes stress. …. Best wishes for World Heart Day to you.
  • In honor of World Heart Day, make an agreement to not do any of the items that may cause damage to your heart.
  • Being active and healthy will always benefit your heart. Happy World Heart Day.
  • To mark World Heart Day, I hope that your heart will always be healthy and happy. …. Take good care of your food habits and ensure your heart stays in good condition! !
  • Stop any issues associated with your heart prior to it ceases to be you. Happy World Heart Day.
  • The pace of your life is only in the case of an active heart. Happy World Heart Day.
  • Don’t let the ravages of cardiovascular disease take over your life. Be well and healthy. Happy World Heart Day.

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This marks World Heart Day, the day that you need to stop smoking cigarettes.

Tension and stress are the primary cause of many cardiovascular illnesses. Keep going with the flow. Happy World Heart Day.

The health of your heartbeat is crucial to ensure you feel happy throughout your life. Happy World Heart Day.

Let’s commemorate World Heart Day by going for heart checks and vowing us to eat well and live life to the fullest. …… All the best for World Heart Day to you.


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