Why Kannada is ugliest language in india? Netizens Aks Google Over Search Result Controversy Of Ugliest Language In The World

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If you Google search the ugliest language in India, the search result displays: The answer is Kannada, a language spoken by around 40 million people in south India.

Following this, there’s an outrage on social media. People are demanding that Google must apologize and take strict action against it. Thincnext, an IT company based in Bangalore, has started a petition on charge.org to remove the search result from Google.

Netizens slam Google for popping up Kannada’s name in ‘ugliest language’ result

This has sparked a strong reaction from those who speak this south Indian language. People started sharing screenshots of the Google search and expressed their disapproval regarding it. Many have also expressed shock over this.

One of them said ‘A language spoken by over 56.9 million people worldwide, can’t be called the ugliest language in India’ and shared the screengrab of the search result. Another netizen has called Kannada the oldest language in the world and wrote, ‘How could you even call the oldest language as the ugliest language’ We all kannadigas love Kannada, and will not allow anybody to talk ill about our language. Please give respect to all the languages, be it Indian or any other.’

Many Kannadigas are not pleased with Google, as they came to realise that a search for the “ugliest language in India” was showing the answer as Kannada, as of June 3 afternoon. With several Kannadigas, including political representatives and activists, taking objection, the search results for the same query are now filled with these protests and related news stories.

Before that, however, Google’s answer to the “ugliest language in India” was: “What is the ugliest language in India? The answer is Kannada, a language spoken by around 40 million people in south India.” Taking exception to the search result, Bengaluru Central Member of Parliament from BJP PC Mohan has demanded an apology from Google India. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Mukund Gowda has written to Google India asking them to take down the search result and take action against those responsible for the result.

Sharing the letter he wrote to Google India Vice President Sanjay Gupta, Mukund Gowda, President of AAP Youth Wing wrote, “Google is throwing a very hasty search result about Kannada. It shows the Ugliest language in India is Kannada. In fact, all the languages in India are great and we owe love & respect to all language. Have writte

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