Which game from the show ‘Squid Game’ included this doll? Amazon Quiz Answers

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Which game from the show ‘Squid Game’ included this doll?

Answer: Red light, Green light

The correct answer is Red light, Green light. Red light, Green light is the game from the show ‘Squid Game’ included this doll.

Amazon Daily Quiz Answers 4 March 2022 Win Rs 30,000

Question 1: What, literally meaning ‘archipelago’ in Javanese, is the new capital of Indonesia?

Answer: Nusantara

Question 2: PN Panicker, whose statue was recently unveiled by the President, is known as the Father of what in Kerala?

Answer: Library Movement

Question 3: Which Indian state recently saw the creation of 2 new districts, Pakyong and Soreng?

Answer: Sikkim

Question 4: Which game from the show ‘Squid Game’ included this doll?

Answer: Red light, Green light

Question 5: This structure is known as the ___ of the City in Auroville. Fill in the blanks

Answer: Soul

Amazon Quiz Answers Today 4th March, 2022 Win Rs 30,000

  • Answer 1: Nusantara
  • Answer 2: Library Movement
  • Answer 3: Sikkim
  • Answer 4: Red light, Green light
  • Answer 5: Soul

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