Valery Gerasimov Biography, Wiki, Ethnicity, Wife, Parents, Net worth, Age, Career

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Valery Gerasimov Biography, Wiki: Valery Gerasimov is General Staff of the Armed Forces – the Russian Federation – Deputy Minister of Defense, General of the Army, a man of integrity and trustworthy for his country. In this article, we will introduce you to a person who is respected by the top people of the country.

Who is Valery Gerasimov?

Valery Vasilyevich Gerasimov is the Russian general, the current chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia, and the first Deputy Minister of Defense, succeeding Nikolay Makarov. He was appointed by President Vladimir Putin on November 9, 2012.

He was the First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Moscow Military District and commander of the 58th Army in the North Caucasus region during the Second Chechen War. His involvement in the arrest of Yuri Budanov led to the praise by journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Valery Gerasimov Biography, Wikipedia, Family

Valery Vasilyevich Gerasimov was born on September 8, 1955 in Kazan. His parents were ordinary workers. From childhood, he dreamed of serving his country, inspired by the stories of his grandfather, who was a great soldier. Also influenced by the books of the war years, including the work of Konstantin Simonov.

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Valery Gerasimov Early life, Education

When I was 15, after finishing eighth grade, he went to Suvorov School in his hometown. Since then, his entire life has been inseparably linked to the military. After graduating in 1973, he went back to school – tank school, followed by the Academy of Armored Forces and the Academy of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, where he graduated in 1997.

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Real NameValery Vasilyevich Gerasimov
Nickname Valery
Profession General Staff of the Armed Forces – the Russian Federation
Deputy Minister of Defense, General of the Army
Wife NameN/A
Marital StatusMarried
Physical Status 
Age67 Years
Height (Approx.)Not Known
Weight (Approx.)Not Known
Eye ColourNot Known
Hair ColourNot Known
Personal Information
Date of Birth September 8, 1955
Birth PlaceKazan
School NameSuvorov School
College NameAcademy of the Armed Forces
of the Russian Federation
Family Profile
Father NameN/A
Mother NameN/A
Source Of IncomeGovernment Salary
Net Worth, Salary$1.7 million

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Valery Gerasimov Career & Achievements

Valery’s ministry began in 1977 in the SG military, when he ordered headquarters. At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, troops were in the Baltic States, where they supported the commander-in-chief. In 1994 he was sent to the Moscow Military District. And in 2005, Gerasimov was assigned to the post of head of the Main Directorate of the Armed Forces.

Valery Vasilyevich is a man of words and deeds, it is not in his nature to live at headquarters, so he asked to go to the North Caucasus where the war started in 1993. He spent four years in the tropics as a military commander. motorized rifle division. Later, because of a successful hostility, he was appointed chief of staff, and the general remained in the Caucasus until 2003.

In the life story of a military leader, vicious wars and acts of terrorism have occurred many times. Gerasimov was more than one on the edge of life and death, attacked by soldiers. However, working under his leadership was successful, because the work went up quickly.

After Russian politician Anatoly Serdyukov resigned as Russian Defense Minister of Defense, he was replaced by Sergei Shoigu. The new minister has nominated Valery Gerasimov as his first deputy. In November 2012, the head of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, officially appointed a military general to the post.

One of the most important milestones in the general work was the Syrian task force to destroy terrorists, which began in the fall of 2015. For his bravery and courage, Valery Vasilyevich received the highest award – Hero of the Russian Federation.

During the conflict in eastern Ukraine, British media allege that the Deputy Prime Minister launched a rocket that shot down a passenger plane in Donbas in July 2014. Gerasimov has been included in European Union and Canadian sanctions. Ukraine, however, arrested him and 10 other missing Russian soldiers and put them on a wanted list.

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Valery Gerasimov Wife, Relationship

Valery Vasilyevich met his wife during his studies and got married early and had a son.

Valery Gerasimov’s Net Worth

Valeriy Gerasimov’s net worth is $1.7M in 2022. 

Who is Valery Gerasimov?

Valery Gerasimov is General Staff of the Armed Forces – the Russian Federation – Deputy Minister of Defense, General of the Army.

What is the age of Valery Gerasimov?

Valery Gerasimov is 67 years old.

Is Valery Gerasimov married?

Yes Valery Gerasimov is married. He met his wife during his studies and got married early and had a son.

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