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Who is Shantel Jackson?

Shantel Jackson is a famous fashion model who doubles as an actress and has also appeared in several music videos.

Not only that, Shantel’s likeness has graced the cover pages of many fashion magazines and she seems to be taking fashion more seriously.

Shantel Jackson Biography, Wikipedia

Shantel Jackson Biography Wikipedia
Shantel Jackson

Shantel Christine Jackson (a.k.a Shantel Jackson) was born in Miami, Florida, on July 28, 1984. Although there are only scanty details about her childhood and family, we know that Shantel was raised in Miami together with her four siblings.

Miss Jackson, as she’s often called attended the Technical Arts High School where she studied entertainment and technology. While there, Shantel learned about film-making and editing.

She then attended the University of Miami’s “Miami Dade” program where she studied acting and psychology. Shantel Jackson had always kept her beautiful looks right from the start, and she was not ashamed to flaunt it, at all.

At age 15, she began working as a model. Thanks to her African-American, Indian-American and Caucasian descent, the Miami-born model soon became the face of several high-profile fashion ads and appeared on the pages of several fashion magazines, but there was more to come.

Shantel Jackson Career

Shantel began her career as a fashion model. She was quite young when she started her career in the field of modeling and acting. The experience and exposure she gained at school helped her a lot in making her mark in the industry.

Shantel was featured in the video of the song ‘Here Without You.’ The track was from the album ‘Away from the Sun’ by ‘3 Doors Down,’ an American rock band. The song was released on August 11, 2003.

Shantel modeled for the popular hip-hop journal ‘XXL.’ In 2012, she appeared as ‘Tanisha’ in the direct-to-video crime-drama film ‘Freelancers.’ Following this, she was seen in two episodes of the reality show ‘Nellyville.’ Shantel was cast as ‘Jackie’ in the 2016 action short film ‘Supply and Demand.’

Shantel played a character named ‘Ashley’ in the short drama film ‘Good Riddance,’ which was released in 2016. In 2017, Shantel was part of ‘The Platinum Life,’ a reality TV show about the wives of famous musicians.

Shantel made a guest appearance in the ‘MTV’ comedy clip show ‘Ridiculousness.’ She also made a brief appearance in the sports documentary series ‘HBO Boxing.’ She has also appeared in music videos of songs such as ‘Let’s Get Away’ by ‘T.I.,’ ‘Stay Fly’ by the ‘Three 6 Mafia,’ and ‘Unpredictable’ by Jamie Foxx.

Shantel currently owns a unisex clothing line that is available on her website, ‘’ She also owns a product line named ‘Shoe Gummi.’ The brand offers tools to make walking with heels easier.

Shantel Jackson Boyfriend

Shantel Jackson is single and hasn’t dated anyone since 2022.

After terminating her romance with a professional boxer, Jackson began dating American rapper Nelly in 2014.

However, the couple ended their seven-year romance in 2021 by mutual consent and agreed to continue to be friends.

Shantel said in an interview that they decided to end their long-distance romance since they had grown apart on their own.

Shantel previously responded to a fan’s question regarding her relationship status with Nelly by saying, “No, We’re not together, Just friends.”

Shantel Jackson’s Ex-Boyfriend

Shantel Jackson and professional boxer Floyd Mayweather had an eight-year relationship that ended in 2014.

Shantel and Chris met in 2008 while Shantel was working as a waitress in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shantel and Floyd had even planned a wedding, according to sources. However, after their breakup, things became a shambles.

Floyd accused Shantel of terminating the pregnancy of twins, while Shantel charged Floyd of abuse, harassment, and invasion of privacy.

Despite their differences, Shantel defended Floyd when his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris was charged with domestic abuse and sentenced to prison.

Shantel was unfortunately attacked by Floyd shortly after her release from prison. Shantel went so far as to file a police report against him.

Shantel Jackson FAQ’s

Who is Shantel Jackson?

Shantel Jackson is a famous fashion model who doubles as an actress and has also appeared in several music videos.

How old is Shantel Jackson?

Shantel Jackson is currently 38 years old.

Who is Shantel Jackson dating now?

Shantel Jackson is single and hasn’t dated anyone since 2022.

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