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Who was Scott Palmer?

Scott Palmer (25 March 1937 – 15 January 2022) was an Australian sports journalist.

Legendary journalist Scott Palmer dies aged 84

Legendary Australian sports journalist and sports editor Scot Palmer has died, aged 84, after a lifetime’s dedication to his craft.

The man whose catchcry Keep Punching and whose columns kept generations of readers informed and entertained for more than five decades was one of the most loved and respected footy scribes in the country.

He was also one of the first multimedia performers, using his exceptionally popular Palmer’s Punchlines column in the Sunday Press, the Sunday Sun and Sunday Herald Sun to build his profile with a side career on television with Channel 7 as well as on breakfast radio with 3UZ (now RSN).

Importantly, he became a household name to people around the state, largely because he always maintained the common touch.

His pathway to success – as unlikely as it might have seemed when a principal from Trinity College once told the eager young schoolboy he wouldn’t make a career out of journalism – followed the example set by one of his heroes and later one of his great friends, Collingwood’s Lou Richards.

Palmer resolved to “prove the bastard wrong”, referencing the principal, and landed a cadetship with the Sun News-Pictorial in 1954.

He would serve the Herald & Weekly Times tirelessly, writing for The Sun, Sunday Press, Sunday Sun and Sunday Herald Sun for more than 50 years, before retiring in 2008.

Even in retirement, he maintained one of the best contact books in sport, continued to chase and file stories, and even found new mediums to have his say, notably on Twitter.

Footy luminaries and former work colleagues were quick to pay tribute to the iconic sports journalist and personality on Saturday, saying Melbourne had lost one of its greatest characters.

“No one can underestimate the indelible mark and legacy that Scot Palmer made to the game of Australian football through his personality and profession,” footy broadcaster and long-time journalist Eddie McGuire said.

“He was a part of as many sporting stories in Melbourne, particularly in football, as he actually reported.

“To me, he was also the mascot of journalism and football and inner-city, gritty Melbourne. In a way, a chapter of that period closes in our game, in our city’s fabric and in our profession with Scotty’s passing.”

Media and footy great Sam Newman remembered Palmer as a longtime friend who loved sport and became a legend of the Australian media.

“Great Scot, the end of an era and legend. Affable and self-deprecating, he ran the whole gambit of sports media, backed stoically by his beloved Lori (Lorraine),” Newman said.

Fellow footy great Don Scott said Palmer was larger than life.

“Scot was one of the first sportswriters to become a multimedia performer. He was larger than life and created that memorable catchphrase ‘Keep Punching’,” Scott said.

“As a teenager growing up you would read his stuff and he just got bigger and bigger and he had a personality to match the image.

“He was full of stories and he was a fantastic storyteller.”

National Executive Editor of News Corp Australia Peter Blunden said Palmer had an uncanny knack of not only finding a story, but delivering it with maximum impact for his readers and audience.

“Scot was not only a huge character and the biggest personality in the office, he was also deeply respected, knowledgeable and a master of his craft,” Peter Blunden said.

“He always had a story, and knew how to tell it. People just loved him.

Scott Palmer Biography, Wiki

Scott Palmer Biography Wikipedia
Scott Palmer

Scott B. Palmer (born November 22, 1950) is a former United States congressional aide. He was the chief of staff to United States Representative Dennis Hastert (R-Illinois), the former Speaker of the House in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Palmer attended Aurora University in Aurora, Illinois, from which he received a B.A. degree in history in 1972 and a Master’s degree in management in 1983. From 1972 until 1984, he worked for Aurora University.

Palmer was Hastert’s Chief of Staff from Hastert’s initial election to the U.S. House in 1986 until the former Speaker’s retirement in 2007. He also worked on Hastert’s campaign staff since Hastert’s first run for the Illinois House of Representatives in 1980. He, Hastert, and Hastert’s Chief of Staff, Mike Stokke, shared a townhouse in Washington, D.C.

On October 4, 2006, in the midst of the Mark Foley scandal, Palmer publicly denied the assertion by Kirk Fordham, the onetime Chief of Staff for former U.S. Representative Mark Foley, that Fordham had told Palmer about Foley’s inappropriate contacts with male pages in 2003 or earlier and had asked Palmer to intervene. Palmer released a statement that day that read, in full: “What Kirk Fordham said did not happen.”

Palmer testified under oath in front of the House Ethics Committee on October 23, 2006, regarding his knowledge of the Mark Foley scandal.

Scott Palmer Career

A long-time writer for The Sun, the Sunday PressSunday Sun, and Sunday Herald Sun, Scot Palmer is best known as the presenter of the “Punchlines” segment on Channel 7 on Sundays. He also appeared on the Seven Network as a regular during half-time breaks of AFL matches, and on HSV7’s Sunday football panel over two decades. His catch-cry “Keep on punchin'”, and relays back to commentators Peter Landy and Sandy Roberts made him even more well known.

Palmer started as a copy boy on The Sun, covering a wide variety of general work before winning the Herald & Weekly Times overseas scholarship and moving on to the sport. Best known for his work on Australian rules football, Scot was one of the founders and a president of the Football Writers Association, now the AFL Media Association. He also covered nine Olympic Games and Wimbledon tennis, and appeared with Jack Thompson in the football movie The Club, playing the role of a reporter.

A member of the MCG Media Hall of Fame retired from the Sunday Herald Sun as Associate Editor in 2008 but was retained by the Herald and Weekly Times to continue writing his ‘Punchlines’ column.

Scott Palmer Wife

Palmer was married to Lorraine Palmer, with whom he had two children, Jodee and Lincoln.

Scott Palmer FAQ’s

Who was Scott Palmer?

Scot Palmer (25 March 1937 – 15 January 2022) was an Australian sports journalist.

How did Scott Palmer die?

Legendary Australian sports journalist and sports editor Scot Palmer has died, aged 84, after a lifetime’s dedication to his craft.

How old was Scott Palmer?

Scott Palmer died at the age of 84.

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