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Who was Richard H Kirk?

Richard H Kirk aka Richard Harold Kirk born 21 March 1956 was an English musician who specialised in electronic music since the 1970s. He was best known as a member of the influential industrial music band Cabaret Voltaire, formed in 1973. He subsequently released projects under his own name and as part of various groups, including Sweet Exorcist, in styles such as techno.

Richard H Kirk’s Cause Of Death

Richard H Kirk, whose band Cabaret Voltaire were pioneers of electronic and industrial music in the 1970s and 80s, has died, at the age of 65.

The Sheffield band’s experimental use of synthesisers and tape loops was a big influence on a generation of pop, house, techno and art-rock artists.

Kirk was “a towering creative genius who led a singular and driven path throughout his life and musical career”, his record label, Mute, said.

“We will miss him so much,” Mute added.

Those paying tribute included 808 State, who said Kirk had been “one the UK daddies of electronica” and his band’s do-it-yourself approach was “an early inspiration of what to do with synths in the 70s”.

Richard H Kirk Biography, Wiki

Richard H Kirk first came to prominence in the 1970s as a member of the seminal industrial band Cabaret Voltaire. His first release as a solo artist, Disposable Half-Truths, was released in 1980 and he maintained a career as a solo artist alongside Cabaret Voltaire until the band’s dissolution in 1994. He reformed the band in 2014 as the sole remaining member, performing sporadically with all-new material more akin to his solo work than the output of the original incarnation of Cabaret Voltaire.

During the 1990s his solo output increased considerably. Kirk’s works explored multiple types of electronic/dance music under many pseudonyms. His prolific work resulted in AllMusic calling him contemporary techno’s busiest man.

Also known asElectronic Eye, Sandoz, Trafficante
Born21 March 1956
OriginSheffield, Yorkshire, England
Died21 September 2021 (aged 65)
GenresElectronica, industrial, techno
Occupation(s)Composer, producer, musician
InstrumentsGuitar, keyboards, saxophone, clarinet, electronics, sampler
Years active1973–2021
LabelsIndustrial, Doublevision, Rough Trade, Warp, Touch, Beyond, Alphaphone, Blast First, Intone, Mute/EMI
Associated actsCabaret Voltaire

Richard H Kirk’s Partial discography


  • Disposable Half-Truths (1980, Industrial)
  • Time High Fiction (1983, Doublevision)
  • Black Jesus Voice (1986, Rough Trade)
  • Ugly Spirit (1986, Rough Trade)
  • Hoodoo Talk (with Peter Hope) (1988, Wax Trax!)
  • Virtual State (1993, Warp)
  • The Number of Magic (1995, Warp)
  • Knowledge Through Science (1998, Blast First)
  • Darkness At Noon (1999, Touch)
  • LoopStatic (Amine ß Ring Modulations) (2000, Touch)
  • TWAT v4.0: The War Against Terror (2003, Intone)
  • Earlier/Later—Unreleased Projects Anthology ’74–’89 (2004, Mute/EMI)
  • Richard H. Kirk Meets the Truck Bombers of Suburbia Uptown Vol. 1 (Feat. Pat Riot) (2004, Intone)
  • Sonic Reflections (Unreleased Soundtrack Project 1994) (2009, Intone)
  • Reality Is Opposite (2011, Intone)
  • Anonymized (2011, Intone)
  • #7489 (Collected Works 1974-1989) (2016, Mute Records)
  • Dasein (2017, Intone)

As Sandoz

  • Digital Lifeforms (1993, Touch)
  • Intensely Radioactive (1994, Touch)
  • Every Man Got Dreaming (1995, Touch)
  • Dark Continent (1996, Touch)
  • God Bless the Conspiracy (1997, Alphaphone)
  • In Dub: Chant to Jah (1998, Touch; 2002, Soul Jazz)
  • Afrocentris (2001, Intone)
  • Live in the Earth: Sandoz in Dub Chapter 2 (2006, Soul Jazz)
  • In Dub: Chapter Two/Extra Time (Under The Stones) (2006, Intone)
  • Acid Editions (303 Excursions) (2009, Intone)
  • Digital Life Time (2012, Intone)
  • #9294 (Collected Works 1992-1994) (2016, Mute Records)

As Electronic Eye

  • Closed Circuit (1994, Beyond)
  • The Idea of Justice (1995, Beyond)
  • Neurometrik (2000, Alphaphone)
  • Autoshark (2006, Intone)

12-inch singles

  • “Leather Hands” (with Peter Hope)
  • “Surgeons” (with Peter Hope)
  • “Hipnotic”



In addition to solo releases under his own name, Kirk used the following aliases:

  • Acid Horse
  • Cabaret Voltaire
  • Peter Hope
  • The Pressure Company
  • Sweet Exorcist
  • XON
  • Kora
  • The Tivoli
  • Agents With False Memories
  • Al Jabr
  • Anarchia
  • Biochemical Dread
  • Blacworld
  • Chemical Agent
  • Citrus
  • Cold Warrior
  • Countzero
  • Dark Magus
  • Destructive Impact
  • Dr. Xavier
  • Electronic Eye
  • Extended Family
  • Frightgod
  • Future Cop Movies
  • Harold Sandoz
  • International Organisation
  • King Of Kings
  • Multiple Transmission
  • Nine Miles Dub
  • Nitrogen
  • Orchestra Terrestrial
  • Outland Assassin
  • Papadoctrine
  • Pat Riot
  • Port-au-Prince
  • PSI Punky Dread Allstars
  • Reflexiv
  • The Revolutionary Army
  • Robots + Humanoids
  • Sandoz
  • Signals Intelligence
  • The Silent Age
  • Sweet Exorcist
  • Trafficante
  • Ubermenschlich
  • Ubu Rahmen
  • Wicky Wacky
  • Vasco de Mento

Who was Richard H Kirk?

Richard Harold Kirk (21 March 1956 – 21 September 2021) was an English musician who specialized in electronic music since the 1970s.

What is Richard H Kirk’s Net worth?

Richard H Kirk’s net worth is between $ 5 Million to $ 10 Million.

What was Richard H Kirk’s Age when he died?

Richard H Kirk’s died on 21 September 2021 (aged 65).

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