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Who was Oskar Sala?

Oskar Sala (18 July 1910 – 26 February 2002) was a 20th-century German physicist, composer and a pioneer of electronic music. He played an instrument called the Trautonium, a precursor to the synthesizer.

Google Doodle celebrates electronic music composer and German physicist Oskar Sala

Google Doodle celebrates electronic music composer and German physicist Oskar Sala
Google Doodle celebrates electronic music composer and German physicist Oskar Sala

Google is celebrating the 112th birthday of the innovative electronic music composer and German physicist Oskar Sala on July 18 with a special Google Doodle, which showcases him composing music and developing new instruments.

Largely recognised for producing sound effects on a musical instrument called a mixture-trautonium, Sala electrified the world of television, radio, and film with musical pieces such as  Rosemary (1959) and  The Birds (1962), Google wrote in a blog post.

Oskar Sala Biography, Wiki

Born in 1910 in Germany to parents who had a natural talent in music, Sala in his adolescent years began creating compositions and songs for instruments like the violin and piano.

“When Sala first heard about a device called the trautonium, he became fascinated by the tonal possibilities and the technology the instrument offered. His life mission became mastering the trautonium and developing it further which inspired his studies in physics and composition at school,” Google said in the post.

“This new focus led Sala to develop his own instrument called the mixture-trautonium. With his education as a composer and an electro-engineer, he created electronic music that set his style apart from others. The mixture-trautonium’s architecture is so unique that it was capable of playing several sounds or voices simultaneously.”

Sala also built the Quartett-Trautonium, Concert Trautonium, and the Volkstrautonium. His efforts in electronic music opened the field of subharmonics. “With his dedication and creative energy, he became a one-man orchestra,” the post adds.

Sala received several awards for his work — he gave many interviews, met numerous artists and was honoured in radio broadcasts and movies. In 1995, he donated his original mixture-trautonium to the German Museum for Contemporary Technology.

Oskar Sala Biography Wikipedia
Oskar Sala
Real NameOskar Sala
Nick NameOskar
ProfessionPhysicist, Composer, and a Pioneer of Electronic Music
Birthday / Date of Birth11 June 1997
Date of Death26 February 2002
Place of DeathBerlin, Germany
Cause Of DeathHealth illness

Oskar Sala Career

German physicist, composer, and pioneer of electronic music Oskar was well-known. Unfortunately, Oskar passed away in Berlin, Germany, on February 26, 2002, at 92.

Google Doodle commemorated Oskar’s 112th birthday on July 18, 2022. Oskar was an expert in the Trautonium, a synthesizer’s forerunner, and he produced a variety of musical genres.

The Strangler of Blackmoor Castle, The Birds, Tatort: Tödliches Verlangen, The Bridge, The Last U-Boat, Glorious Times in the Spessart, The Secret of Dr. Mabuse, and many more well-known films have music composed by Oskar.

Over 20 films have music composed by him . Sala was well-known for his work in the music department of The Box, the Sound Department of Reineke Fuchs, and as Uncle Oscar in Making Love Not War – Die Liebesgeschichte unserer Zeit.

He was also a famous Soundtrack in Soundtrack Behind Poem and Sal. Oskar received accolades and awards from several well-known celebrities and numerous awards for his work.

Oskar Sala Cause of Death

Oskar Sala was a Popular German Physicist, Composer, and a Pioneer of Electronic Music. He Passed away on 26 February 2002 at the age of 92 years in Berlin, Germany Because of a Health illness.

Oskar Sala Interesting Facts

  • On July 18, 1910, Oskar was born in Greiz, Germany.
  • In Berlin, Germany, on February 26, 2002, Sala passed away.
  • He was a German scientist, composer, and forerunner of electronic music born in Greiz in the 20th century.
  • He used the Trautonium, a synthesizer’s forerunner, as his instrument.
  • He relocated to Berlin in 1929 to pursue piano and composition studies at the Berlin Conservatory under the tutelage of violist and composer Paul Hindemith.

Oskar Sala FAQ’s

Q.1 Who is Oskar Sala?

Ans. He was a German Physicist, Composer, and Pioneer of Electronic Music.

Q.2 Who is the Wife of Oskar Sala ?

Ans. Not Known.

Q.3 What was the Age of Oskar Sala ?

Ans. 92 years old.

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