Kumar Easwaran Biography, Wiki, Mathematical Physicist Kumar Easwaran Proved Riemann Hypothesis

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Who is Kumar Easwaran?

Kumar Easwaran is a Hyderabad based mathematical physicist and CEO Altech Power and Energy Systems located in Greater Hyderabad Area.

Kumar Easwaran has claimed to have developed proof for ‘The Riemann Hypothesis’ or RH, a millennium problem, that has remained unsolved for the last 161 years.

The RH fundamentally helps in counting prime numbers and also gives a method for generating large random numbers. In 2000, it was designated as a millennium problem, one of the seven mathematical problems selected by Clay Mathematics Institute of Cambridge, Mass USA, the Times of India reported

It announced a reward of $1 million dollars for its solution.

Kumar Easwaran Biography, Wiki

Mathematical Physicist Kumar Easwaran works on AI and neural networks and other mathematical areas. 

Kumar Easwaran area of research has been, simulation and modeling, artificial Intelligence, image processing and neural networks and also quantum computing Algorithms and have guided a number of Ph.Ds and Mtech students in these areas.
37 years of research experience in the application of Computers in the areas of industrial image processing, AI and pattern recognition, electromagnetics, fluid mechanics, structural mechanics. I have used many numerical techniques such as Finite Element Methods (FEM), Finite Differences, Boundary Integral Equation (BIE) and minimization methods to solve various problems.

Kumar Easwaran have Skills and Expertise in Pattern Classification, Classification, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Unsupervised Learning, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Mechanics, ClusteringApplied, and Mathematics

Kumar Easwaran has over 87 Publications and about 28,255 people have read his publications along with 331Citations.

How Was Dr Easwaran’s Proof Reviewed?

Dr Easwaran, who works at Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology (SNIST) Hyderabad placed his claims on the internet five years ago. However, the editors of international journals were reluctant to put his research titled ‘the final and exhaustive proof of the Riemann Hypothesis from first principles’ through a peer review, The Times of India reported.

In 2020, after it was downloaded a thousand times, an expert committee consisting of eight mathematicians and theoretical physicists was constituted to look into the proof developed by Easwaran.

The committee invited more than 1,200 mathematicians to participate in an open review wherein the referees had to openly reveal their names and institutional affiliations so that everything was transparent to all other experts and nothing could be done anonymously. However, of the 1000 plus invitees, only seven responded on time.

‘RH Proof Would Automatically Prove Various Theorems’

In a statement, the SNIST said, “The genesis of the problem arose from the work of the great mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855) who had written down a formula which can be used to approximately predict the number of prime numbers below any given number. Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann (1826-1866) improved the formula by using entirely original methods involving the calculus of functions of a complex variable”.

Dr Kumar Eswaran took off from the work of JE Littlewood (1885-1977) and showed that the RH could be resolved if the analytical behaviour of a certain specially chosen function of a complex variable can be determined, the SNIST said

Kumar Easwaran PATENTS

a) Two patents called “System and Method for Identifying Patterns, I and II”,
b) Two Patent on A Neural Architecture to be used for pattern Recognition and Deep Learning
c) An Universal Classifier for Learning and Classification of Data with Uses in Machine Learning”,.

Kumar Easwaran Academic Profile

1982-83 Post-Doctoral Fellow , Dept. of Engg. Mechanics, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA.
1973-1974 Post Doctoral Fellow, IIT, Delhi.
1973 Doctorate (Ph.D.) Applied Mathematics (and Mathematical Physics), University of Madras,
1968 Masters: Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur,
1982-83 Post-Doctoral Fellow , Dept. of Engg. Mechanics, Ohio State University, Columbus, USA.
1973-1974 Post Doctoral Fellow, IIT, Delhi.
1973 Ph.D. (Mathematical Physics), University of Madras,
Title of Thesis: “On Phase and Coherence in Quantum Systems” Jan. 1973

Kumar Easwaran Professional Memberships

Member IEEE;
Member American Mathematical Society;
Life Member Computer Society of India,
Member Society of Applicable Mathematics


(i) Invited Talk on IEEE International Conf. UKSIM12 on Simulation and Modeling and Presentation of Research paper, on “Novel Algorithm for LP Programming”, in the University of Cambridge, U.K.,March 2012

(ii) Invited Talk on AI and Cloud based unsupervised learning”, WSEAS International Conference in the University of Cambridge UK Feb 2011.

(iii) Invited Talk: Gave a plenary Talk at Numenta Conference on AI, at Stanford University June 2008,(This talk has been cited in more than 5 or 6 Us Patent applications filed by Numenta).

(iv) Plenary Talk in International IEEE Conference on Image processing and AI , Bahbashib Ambedkar Univ. Aurangabad Nov – Dec 2009

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