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Who is Klaus Bartonietz?

Klaus Bartonietz is the coach of Neeraj Chopra, “the golden boy” who has scripted history at the Olympic Games with him winning a second gold medal for his nation “India”.

Biomechanics expert Klaus Bartonietz is from Germany and has worked quite hard to make Neeraj conquer gold. After the historic win marked by his student, Klaus Bartonietz stated that he is overwhelmed and enjoying the moment.

Also, he added to his statement that what makes him happier is that Neeraj hasn’t conquered bronze or silver, in fact, it is gold. Clips of Klaus Bartonietz were posted by Indian sports authorities.

How Klaus Bartonietz Helped Neeraj Chopra Secure Gold, His Diet, Training, Regime for Tokyo Olympics

Klaus Bartonietz Biography, Wikipedia, Neeraj Chopra coach
Neeraj Chopra and Klaus Bartonietz

Neeraj Chopra was being trained completely by Klaus Bartonietz after his differences with Uwe Hohn. Chopra refused to seek training from Uwe so that’s why the complete charge was handed over to Klaus.

Klaus Bartonietz always focused on polishing the flexibility of Chopra as the Javelin thrower had amazing flexibility.

Also when Neeraj got injured, Klaus helped him on the road to recovery. Klaus made the best use of lockdown to train and make Neeraj a better version of him.

Neeraj’s Tokyo Regime

Neeraj after winning in an interview stated that winning gold was not a part of his plan but destiny has made him achieve it. In Tokyo, the Javelin Thrower remained particular about his training and diet.

His coach Klaus Bartonietz always had his back and supported him in Tokyo as well. After winning gold when Neeraj entered the Olympics village, Tokyo for the closing ceremony he was welcomed in a grand manner.

India has waited 121 years to get gold in the sport of Javelin Throw. The amount of love that people are presently showering on Neeraj Chopra is quite overwhelming.

Neeraj Chopra has dedicated his medal to legendary Milkha Singh Ji and PT Usha. It was Milkha Singh Ji’s dream that Indians must get gold in the track and field events category whereas PT Usha missed her gold with a negligible difference.

Klaus Bartonietz Guidance

The body is a bow, the javelin an arrow. That’s what Klaus Bartonietz, an expert in biomechanics from Germany who is also one of the preeminent authorities on the javelin throw, wanted his ward, Neeraj Chopra, to understand.

The javelin thrower must develop tremendous suppleness and power in the elastic components of the body – muscles, ligaments, and fascia. It’s the ability to build tension here and then release it that gives flight to the spear. Since he began working with Chopra in 2018, taking sole charge of the thrower since last year, Bartonietz’s aim has been to harness Chopra’s innate flexibility to its maximum advantage.

At the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, on the penultimate day of the games, it all came together for Chopra.

“Maybe he was the fastest today, he was very fast,” Klaus Bartonietz said about Chopra’s approach. “He would create the energy (through the run) and then you have to block, strong block.

The German (Johannes Vetter, the only one in the final who has thrown above 90m this season) was fitter, a great blocker. (But) you need body elasticity to transfer into the javelin, not just body power. Dhanush!”

Klaus Bartonietz has been with Chopra through the most difficult patch the young athlete has faced in his career, an injury to his throwing arm that ruled him out of action for almost a year. Bartonietz and a team of other specialists had to work to build Chopra from the ground up.

For the past year, Klaus Bartonietz and Neeraj Chopra have been inseparable, first spending the lockdown and then a few months more at the National Institute of Sports in Patiala, before a short competition trip to Europe leading to the Olympics.

Klaus Bartonietz on Neeraj Chopra

“He is a humble athlete, not making a big noise about himself,” Bartonietz said. “Already a CWG champion, junior world record holder, but very humble. Others make a big noise about themselves, but mentally Neeraj is very strong.”

Klaus Bartonietz was also thrilled at how much athleticism Chopra brought to the table.

“He is an overall athlete,” the coach said. “On the track in sprints, jumps, lifting, gymnastic work for flexibility, all of it. His body capacity is great.”

This morning, Bartonietz was afraid that a typhoon building off the coast of Tokyo would make it difficult for the throwers.

“It was raining in the afternoon actually,” Bartonietz said, “but in the evening everything was fine, the temperature, no rain, perfect.”

What did you tell Chopra before he went in for the final?

“Maza Karo, enjoy,” Bartonietz said, breaking into laughter at his own broken Hindi.

Klaus Bartonietz Social Media

Who is Klaus Bartonietz?

Klaus Bartonietz is the coach of Neeraj Chopra, “the golden boy” who has scripted history at the Olympic Games with him winning a second gold medal for his nation “India”.

Who was Neeraj Chopra’s coach before Klaus Bartonietz?

Neeraj Chopra was coached by Uwe Hohn before Klause Bartonietz.

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