Daunte Wright Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Death, and More | Killing of Daunte Wright

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Who was Daunte Wright?

Daunte Wright was a 20 years old man from Plymouth Minneapolis who was fatally shot dead by a police officer on Sunday in Brooklyn Center, about 10 miles north of Minneapolis near where the death of George Floyd last year the witnesses and authorities said.

The shooting sparked protests and demonstrations in Brooklyn Center, including looting at several businesses, leading to a citywide curfew on April 11. Unrest also spread overnight in parts of nearby Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Daunte Wright

People involved

Daunte Wright was a 20-year-old Black man. He had an outstanding warrant for “fleeing from law enforcement officers and for possessing a gun without a permit during an encounter with Minneapolis police” in June 2020.

Officer Kim Potter, described as a “very senior officer” by the local police department, shot Wright. According to public records, Potter was the president of the Brooklyn Center Police Union in August 2020 and a “Casket Lieutenant” with the LEMA Honor Guard Leadership Team.

Reactions(Protests and unrest)

Following the shooting, mourners and protesters gathered near the scene to demand justice for Wright. Several protesters came from another rally organized by families of people who had been killed by police that occurred earlier in the day in nearby Saint Paul, Minnesota. Police with riot control equipment attempted to restrain the crowd of several hundred people outside of a police precinct. Some in the crowd became unruly, hurling projectiles such as rocks at officers. There was also looting, as more than 20 businesses were damaged in the riot, and police vehicles were vandalized.

His mother, Katie Wright, pleaded for peace saying, “All the violence, if it keeps going it’s only going to be about the violence. We need it to be about why my son got shot for no reason…We need to make sure it’s about him and not about smashing police cars because that’s not going to bring my son back.”

On April 12, in reaction to the unrest, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz enacted a 7:00 p.m.-to-6:00 a.m. curfew throughout much of the Minneapolis-Saint Paul region: in Hennepin, Ramsey, Anoka, and Dakota counties.

Killing Of Daunte Wright Investigation

The Hennepin County medical examiner determined the manner of death to be homicide on April 11.

In a press conference on April 12, the Brooklyn Center police said a female officer intended to use a taser on Wright, but pulled out her gun instead.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension launched an investigation of the shooting.

The incident occurred in Hennepin County. The officer’s conduct is under review by Washington County per an agreement with other metropolitan counties to handle officer-involved shootings in such a way as to avoid a perceived conflict of interest. The officer who shot Wright was placed on administrative leave by the Brooklyn Center police pending further investigation.

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