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Karthika G Nair Biography, Wikipedia, Age, Family, Coaching, Score | Who is NEET Topper Karthik G Nair? Bio, Wiki

Who is Karthika G Nair?

Turning 18 in style is exactly what Mumbai resident Karthika G Nair did, as she was named all-India female topper for the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET-UG) 2021, the results for which were announced on Monday evening.

She is one of three students from across the country to score 720 out of 720 (99.99 percentile) in the all-India exam. She shares the rank with Mrinal Kutteri from Telangana and Tanmay Gupta from Delhi (NCT).

Karthika G Nair Biography, Wiki

This courageous girl from Maharashtra achieved what is considered next to impossible, a perfect score in one of the toughest entrance of India. Her insatiable desire to grow, her grit determination and zeal kept her moving forward and helped her in being AIR 1.

She has become an inspiration to many aspiring students who want to become doctors in future, especially for girls, her success story inspires them to go out there and settle for nothing less than the best for themselves.

Karthika mentioned that her mantra for her preparation was not achieving perfection instead it was “ Make mistakes, Learn from then and move on in life.”
She also attributed the credit of her success to her parents as she said that whenever she felt demotivated about anything , She knew whom to approach. Her parents made her realize how important it is to overcome the fear, try and make mistakes. Mistakes are not something to hold on to but they are meant to teach a lesson so that you can learn to thrive in life.

Talking about her preparation journey in COVID era, she said it was quite challenging for her as well. It was easier to learn things while sitting in the classroom with all the friends as the atmosphere helps you to absorb things quickly. However, she thanked all her teachers at AAKASH as she felt the tech support provided by the institute helped her to keep going.

She also had a message for all the aspiring students to Be Regular. Whether its classes, giving mocks, tests, self study routine, One has to be regular to achieve success in life.

Lets look at some of the details about Karthika G. Nair

Karthika G Nair Biography
Karthika G Nair
NameKarthika G Nair
Role number3114010091
Age18 years
Marks obtained720/720
State of belongingMaharashtra
CityPanvel, Navi Mumbai
CoachingAakash + BYJUs
Target FeildOncology

Preparation strategy of Karthika G Nair

Karthika, who secured a perfect 720 out of 720 marks in the medical entrance exam, attributed her success to her extensive error analysis and her determination to not repeat the same errors.

She received 690 out of 720 in her first mock NEET exam at Aakash and was confident she could push up her marks in the coming days.

But then, she realised she wasn’t faring well with numericals, especially in Physics.

“I used to make silly mistakes like reading diameter instead of radius,” she says.

She found select chapters (such as rotation motion, and semiconductors) difficult to comprehend. Her confidence was rattled when she scored just 100 out of 180 in physics at a class test.

It was then she realized the importance of doing error analysis.

“My parents told me that feeling dejected was not going to give her better marks. They made me realize that when I get disappointed, I would make the same mistake again and again, and remain in the vicious cycle,” she says.

“They urged me that I understand my mistakes and not to repeat them,” Karthika recollects.

Her teachers at Aakash Institute arranged doubt-clearing sessions for her and mentored her for online mock tests which helped her understand her errors and not repeat her past mistakes.

She destressed during her NEET preparations with singing and reading, both of which she enjoys a lot.

Future plans of Karthika G Nair

Karthika wants to take up medical studies at AIIMS, New Delhi. For her, medicine is a calling and not just a profession. She wants to actively save the lives of people, and be remembered for her service to society.

Her main inspiration was one of her cousins, a doctor, who worked on the frontlines as a Covid-19 warrior during the pandemic.

“I would love to build a career in Oncology or Neurology. I would love to explore other fields as well,” says the NEET topper.

Karthika G Nair on Mistakes

Karthika G. Nair strongly affirms the philosophy of making mistakes. These mistakes are acceptable as long as one learns from them. For Nair, silly mistakes have always been a problem. At times, she also became disappointed as to what she made those mistakes. Her constant fear was what if she made the same mistakes in the final examination. However, during these stages, it was her parents who kept her motivated and told her to learn from those mistakes.

Learn from your mistakes and tell yourself that you won’t be making the same mistakes in the examination. It will so happen that you won’t end up making those mistakes.

According to Nair, her parents played a very important role. Her favourite subject is Biology, especially Zoology. However, her least favourite subject was Physics as it involved a lot of calculations and she always had a problem with numbers since childhood. Nevertheless, one has to study the subject as nothing can be done about it.

After completing her 11th standard, when she was all about to start with the 12th, the lockdown was announced. Everything switched to the online mode and she found this development quite difficult in the beginning.

Karthika G Nair FAQ’s

Who is Karthika G Nair?

Turning 18 in style is exactly what Mumbai resident Karthika Nair did, as she was named all-India female topper for the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET-UG) 2021, the results for which were announced on Monday evening.

How old is Karthika G Nair?

Currently, Karthika G Nair is 18 years old.

How much marks did Karthika G Nair score in NEET 2021?

Karthika G Nair scored 720/720 in NEET 2021.

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