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Who was Rajesh?

Vidyasagar (15 April 1932 – 19 February 2022), known by his stage name Rajesh, was an Indian actor who appeared in Kannada films. Known as ‘Kala Thapaswi’, Rajesh was an ardent fan of literature.

Vidyasagar was the original name of Rajesh. He appeared in many films as the lead in the late 1960s and early 1970s, but later on, started appearing in character roles.

Kannada actor Rajesh is no more

Kannada actor Rajesh is no more
Kannada actor Rajesh is no more

Veteran Kannada actor Rajesh passed away on Saturday at a private hospital in Bengaluru. He was 89 years old.

Rajesh, who lived in Bengaluru, was admitted to a private hospital earlier this month after he complained about breathing problems. He had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, former CM Siddaramaiah, and several other leaders expressed their condolences over the demise of veteran actors.

While Rajesh was his stage name, his original name was Vidyasagar. Born and brought up in Bengaluru, Rajesh worked as a typist in government offices before working in theatre plays and writing scripts.

He made his debut in the movie Veera Sankalpa. While acting in this film, roles started to pour in for Rajesh, who went on to work in several Kannada films.

His name changed after his movie ‘Namma Ooru’, where the character he played was called Rajesh. This movie, which had even impressed the finance minister of Karnataka Ramakrishna Hegde, had got a 100 percent tax exemption.

Rajesh Biography, Wiki

Rajesh is a Kannada movie actor, known for being the protagonists of Kannada films of the decades of the 60s and 70s. Rajesh is also given the name of “Kala Tapaswi” for his love of literature and in involvement in the field.

The Kannada Sahitya Parishat has also presented Rajesh with a Dr. Rajkumar Cultural Endowment Award. Originally born as Vidyasagar, in Bangalore, Rajesh was an ardent fan of established movie stars including the likes of Thyagaraja Bhagavatar, T. R. Mahalingam, and Rahakumari.

Rajesh was so passionate about drama and the theater that he secretly joined the cast of the theater group “Sudarshana Nataka Mandali” without informing his parents. Rajesh would also often attend acting classes under the pretext of tuition classes.

Before setting foot in cinema and the theater, Rajesh used to serve as a typist at various government offices. On realizing that he wasn’t following his passion, Rajesh set up his theater group “Shakti Nataka Mandali” which later on, staged numerous well-known stage plays.

Rajesh penned “Nirudyogi Baalu,” which was revolving around the topic of unemployment. Later on, Rajesh wrote the script of “Badavana Baalu,” and also acted in plays such as “Kittur Rani Chennamma,” “Chandrodaya” and “Vishasarpa.”

Kannada Actor Rajesh Biography Wikipedia
Kannada Actor Rajesh
BornMunichowdappa/later Vidyasagar
15 April 1932
Bangalore, Kingdom of Mysore, British Raj
DiedFebruary 19, 2022 (aged 89)
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Years active1963–2022
Known forActor
Children5, including Asharani
RelativesArjun Sarja (son-in-law)

Rajesh Career

Rajesh initially worked as a typist in government offices. Later he formed the Shakti Nataka Mandali, staging many popular plays. One fine day he got up from the sleet and started writing a play on unemployment. It was titled ‘Nirudyogi Baalu’.

The play he directed later. It got good appreciation. ‘Badavana Baalu’ was his next and it continued like that. Playwright Basheer asked him to act in plays and he was in Visha Sarpa, Nandadeepa, Chandrodaya, and Kittur Rani Chennamma. Thackeray’s role was well received.

His theatre performances eventually progressed to film roles. It was veteran director Hunsur Krishnamurthy who introduced Vidyasagar in Veera Sankalpa. He applied for 15 days leave from his job and went to Madras. While acting in this film he got offer for ‘Sri Ramanjeneya Yuddha’. Rajakumar was Sri Rama and he was Bharatha, Udayakumar was Anjaneya.

It was a successful film. While acting in his second film he got offer from BR Panthuluji for ‘Gange Gowri’. Rajkumar was ‘Shiva’ and he was ‘Maha Vishnu’. For some politics he rejected the offer in ‘Jeevana Tharanga’.

He kept quiet for two years and came back to Bangalore. But Narayan Seth from Mumbai came in touch with him and took him to CV Shivashanker. That was the new beginning of his life. Vidyasagar became Rajesh and the film was ‘Namma Ooru’.

The turning point was Namma Ooru in 1968. Directed by C.V. Shivashankar, it was a runaway hit and then Finance Minister Ramakrishna Hegde gave it a 100 percent tax exemption. It was the film’s producer B.S. Narayan, Late Shri Suryanarayan Rao & Late J N Shetty who rechristened Vidyasagar as Rajesh and after that, he was flooded with offers, the song “Hoogadhiri Soohdarare” of the film Namma Ooru is a famous hit.

He recently acted in Nanna Gopala, a children’s film directed by Lakshman. Though he started little late compared to the Kumars – Udaykumar, Rajkumar and Kalyan Kumar, they were all contemporaries. In that competitive period, Rajesh stood strong for his terrific performance on the silver screen in Kannada cinema.

In the charged-up roles similar to what counterpart Sivaji Ganesan was doing the stellar performance of Rajesh was well received. He was not only good in acting but also in singing.

He was doing what Chi Udayashanker famous cinema writer was doing in the office. In the ledger books he was keeping the famous novels and reading. Chi Udayashanker was sent out from office for that. Even he also faced the same situation. After he became hero as Rajesh he has acted with Rajakumar again in Devara Makkalu, Prathidwani, Kranthiveera. In ‘Devara Gudi’ he was with Vishnuvardhana in an important role.

 From 1975 he got various good offers. Devara Duddu, Badhu Bangaravaythu, Beluvaladha Madilalli, Mugiyadha Kathe, which all one after the other became hits. It was a lifetime role for him in ‘Beluvaladha Madilalli’. Kaliyuga, Pitamaha. Satyanarayana Pooja Phale, Karna, and the recent Bhimoos Bang Bang Kids of SV Rajendra Singh Babu he played important roles.

He was of the notion that, in the 1950s onwards Honnappa Bhagavatar, Rajkumar, Udayakumar, Kalyankumar, B.R. Pantulu, K. S. Ashwath, Narasimha Raju, Balakrishna, Iyer, B. Saroja Devi, Leelavathi, Pandari Bai, MV Rajamma, Mynavathi, Vandhana, Kalpana, Jayanthi, Bharathi enriched the film industry.

But Rajesh regretted that Kannada films produced in recent times have lost their credence in the absence of good stories and social commitment.

The yesteryear star said “Those films had a message for the society besides providing healthy entertainment. But the films that have come after 1980 lack social commitment and are of cheap taste. The technological development and huge money being spent on films have not been used by filmmakers for the good of the society.”

Rajesh FAQ’s

Who was Kannada actor Rajesh?

Vidyasagar (15 April 1932 – 19 February 2022), known by his stage name Rajesh, was an Indian actor who appeared in Kannada films. Known as ‘Kala Thapaswi’, Rajesh was an ardent fan of literature.

How did Kannada actor Rajesh die?

Rajesh died at a private hospital in Bangalore on 19 February 2022. He suffered from breathing complications prior to his death.

How old was Rajesh?

Rajesh died at 89.

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