Jodhpur incident northeast girl viral video – Culprits Arrested related to the latest northeast girl viral video

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All northeast viral video culprits arrested

Northeast Girl Incident Viral Video Case: The Bengaluru police arrested the five main culprits including a woman involved in the sensational gang rape case.

Reportedly all 5 have been arrested from Bengaluru’s Ramaurthynagar where they were hiding in a flat.

The disturbing video, in which the 5 culprits can be seen brutally assaulting the woman, has created nationwide outrage.

Northeast Girl Incident Viral Video culprits

Apart from the horrifying assaults on the victim, what shocked the netizens more is the involvement of a woman in the heinous crime.

After seeing the video on social media sites, the victim was assumed to be from the Northeast; however, as time passed on, Bangladesh police and local media confirmed that the victim is from Bangladesh, not from the Northeast

In a media interaction, the Bangladesh police further stated that the brutal sexual assault incident took place three months back in Magh Bazar in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Jodhpur incident northeast girl viral video reality : On May 26, a viral video started making rounds on social media platforms in which a woman was seen being brutalised, and sexually assaulted by multiple men. The posts suggested that the woman in the video was the late Lovikali Sumi, a Nagaland resident who had committed suicide in Jodhpur, Rajasthan where she worked.

In the video, the victim shouts, “Please don’t do this to me, don’t record the video.” After this, one of the accused closed the victim’s mouth with a cloth and closed it.

In this video, the accused can also be seen showing their misdeeds on video calls to other acquaintances. While recording the video, the accused also injected a liquor bottle into the victim’s private part.

However, the time or place of this incident is not clear. In view of the viral video, the Assam Police has released the images of the five suspected culprits and sought more information from the public leading to their arrest.

The Delhi Police officer has reportedly clarified that the viral video has nothing to do with late Lovikali Sumi, a Nagaland woman, who committed suicide in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur, where she worked

Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju said that the sexual assault video is not related to the Jodhpur suicide case. He tweeted, “The viral video of a girl from North-East being brutally raped and tortured by 4 men & 1 women is not related to Jodhpur suicide case. I had detail discussion with the Police Commissioner of Jodhpur. However, there must be all out efforts by all State Police to catch the devils.”

He also appealed to the citizens to help the police of all the states and union territories to catch those culprits as soon as possible.

Meghalaya legislator Ampareen Lyngdoh wrote on Facebook that the Meghalaya police is also on a lookout in the case.

“I have spoken with the Director General of Police – Meghalaya Police to enquire and verify with his counterpart in the Rajasthan Police with regard to unconfirmed news regarding the sexual assault of a lady alleged to be from the North-East. I reiterate that this is serious case which will be dealt with by the police.”

Assam Police has promised to reward anyone who is able to identify the culprits seen in a now viral assault video across the Northeast. The disturbing and graphic video of sexual assault has been circulated widely, with people assuming the victim to be from Nagaland, based on reports of a Naga woman’s death by suicide in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, on Sunday, May 23.

Assam Police, on Thursday, announced a reward for whoever identifies the culprits in the sexual assault video that shows a young girl getting tortured and violated.

The police further tweeted saying, “We must stand together to bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime to justice. Though it is not clear where this incident took place and it may not be from Assam, we are reaching out to proactively locate the culprits.”

The reality of the Jodhpur incident northeast girl viral video

It is true that the incident happened and possibly happened in 2021 itself, as the song in the background of the video was released in January 2021. However, the woman in the video is not late Lovikali Sumi, who committed suicide in Jodhpur. IPS officer and founder of Helping Hands shared the information on Facebook. He said that he showed the video to the family members of the deceased, and they confirmed it was not her.

He said, “We are trying to identify the girl,  also the perpetrators, for further action. The video is not related to the suicide case the late Lovikali Sumi at Jodhpur, the sister of Sumi and the Police have verified the video, it’s not the suicide girl who is in the video. Have already informed Gujarat Police, Mizoram Police and Rajasthan Police. Some miscreants have dubbed it as the same case as the Jodhpur Naga girl suicide case. I have spoken personally to DCP Jodhpur now.”

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