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Who was Jason Dupasquier?

Jason Dupasquier was a Swiss motorcycle rider who competed in the Moto3 class in the motorcycle world championship until his death at the 2021 Italian motorcycle Grand Prix. He was the son of MotoCross rider Philippe Dupasquier. He was born on 7 September 2001 and passed away on May 2021 due to sustained injuries in a crash at Italian GP30.

Jason Dupasquier Death, Reason of Death

Swiss Moto3 rider Jason Dupasquier has died aged 19 from injuries sustained in a crash in qualifying at the Italian Grand Prix, organisers MotoGP announced on Sunday. “We’re deeply saddened to report the loss of Jason Dupasquier,” MotoGP said on Twitter. “On behalf of the entire MotoGP family, we send our love to his team, his family and loved ones. You will be sorely missed, Jason. Ride in peace,” the statement added. The Careggi hospital in Florence treating Dupasquier confirmed to AFP that the teenager had suffered brain injuries “incompatible with life” in the multi-bike accident at Mugello on Saturday.

He died on Sunday, 30 May 2021 in Florence hospital, the World Championship promoter said in a statement. The 19-year-old rider was operated on through the night from Saturday to Sunday for a “thoracic surgery for a vascular lesion”, and was also badly affected at the cerebral level.

“Despite all the efforts of the medical staff of the circuit and all those who subsequently took care of the Swiss rider, the hospital announced that Dupasquier, unfortunately, succumbed to his injuries,” the statement said.

Dupasquier, in his second season in Moto3, fell and was struck by at least one bike, before sliding along the track, during qualifying. 

Doctors rushed to the scene and after attending to him for 40 minutes on the circuit had him airlifted to hospital.

He underwent chest surgery overnight “for a vascular lesion” and had suffered “severe brain damage”, a hospital spokesman told AFP earlier Sunday.

The last fatality in the motorcycling world championship was Spain’s Luis Salom, who died in practice at the Catalonia Moto2 Grand Prix in Barcelona in 2016.

Jason Dupasquier Biography, Wiki

Jason Dupasquier began his racing career in 2011. He won multiple SuperMoto Swiss championships and was set to debut in the RedBull Rookies Cup in 2018 but received a femur injury that prevented him from doing so. He debuted in the RedBull Rookies Cup in 2019 and was soon awarded a two-year contract as a Moto3 rider.

Dupasquier, whose father Philippe was a former motocross rider, was in his second season in Moto3.

Racing for his German team he finished his rookie Moto3 campaign last year pointless in 28th in the overall standings.

After five races in 2021 he was placed 10th with 27 points.

Born7 September 2001 Bulle, Switzerland
Died30 May 2021 (aged 19) Florence, Tuscany, Italy

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