Jane Marczewski ‘Nightbirdie’ passes away today from cancer at 31

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America’s Got Talent fame Jane Marczewski ‘Nightbirdie’ has died aged 31 of cancer. She was suffering from cancer in her lungs, spine and liver. 

Her family confirmed the news. Tributes poured in for Marczewski, who was known by the moniker ‘Nightbirdie’, including from the reality show that made her famous.

Jane Marczewski ‘Nightbirdie’ passes away today

America’s Got Talent host Terry Crews confirmed the news as he paid tribute, writing: “We are saddened to learn about @_nightbirde’s Passing. Our Condolences goes to her Closest Family & Friends in such of This difficult time. We Love you, Nightbirde.”

“​​We love you. Rest in peace @_nightbirde,” judge Heidi Klum wrote on her Instagram Story.

The family of Jane Marczewski, as per a report on Deadline, released a statement about her death with the ‘deepest heartache’. They shared that the death was due to a ‘four year battle with cancer’.

They said that they were ‘devastated’ by her ‘passing and unimaginable loss’. They mentioned the impact of her song It’s OK which ‘inspired people around the globe with her messages of faith and never giving up.’ 

The statement continued that the people enjoyed her ‘larger-than-life personality and sense of humour’. They added that she had a ‘witty joke’ on every occasion, even if the joke was on her. The family also said that her ‘lasting legacy’ would be the ‘gift of hope’ that she gave to people with her music and the strength ‘she found in Jesus.’ They conveyed their gratitude for the ‘love and support’ over the demise. 

Who was Jane Marczewski ‘Nightbirde’ married to?

Jane Marczewski and her ex, Jeremy Claudio, reportedly tied the knot in July of 2015.

They formally separated in 2020, and Jane moved from Tennessee to California following the split.

A musician himself, Jeremy Claudio was born on August 8, 1989.

The Claudio family hails from New York, and he has two sisters: Patti and Susai.

He was known as the drummer and frontman for Nashville-based band, Tiger Drive, but the group hasn’t been active on social media for over two years.

While the two were still married, Jane performed under her married name – Jane Claudio – with Jeremy as her producer.

Jane Marczewski, ‘Nightbirdie’ on America’s Got Talent

In June 2021, she performed as Nightbirde during the 16th season auditions on America’s Got Talent. During her post-performance interview with the judges, she offered an inspirational statement: “You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.” She subsequently received a Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell for her performance of her original song “It’s OK”. The song became No. 1 on iTunes and No. 2 trending on YouTube.

In August 2021, before she could compete in the show’s quarterfinal round, Marczewski withdrew from the competition because of worsening health. Cowell encouraged her not to return to the competition, saying “you [Marczewski] don’t need the stress right now.”

Jane Marczewski, ‘Nightbirdie’ Biography, Wiki

Jane Marczewski, ‘Nightbirdie’ on America’s Got Talent