IAS Manjusha Vikrant Rai Biography, Wiki, Slapping Kid, Age, Rank, Biodata

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Who is IAS Manjusha Vikrant Rai?

Manjusha Vikrant Rai is an IAS officer currently posted as ADM of Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh. She is a senior IAS officer posted in Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh.

IAS Manjusha Vikrant Rai Slapping Video

Shajapur ADM Manjusha Vikrant Rai came out on the road to follow the lockdown and slapped a shopkeeper for opening the shop. ADM Manjusha Vikrant Rai slammed the young man out of the shop on the middle road.

The shopkeeper told that there is a house inside, due to this, we have to come and this is why the shop has to be kept open, but when the policemen went in, they saw that the shop was not a house, but the ADM lost his temper on the shopkeeper’s lies. And right there slapped that shopkeeper in the market. Angry ADM could not even see that the businessman was a child on which Manjusha Vikrant Rai demonstrated his power and slapped him out of the shop and beat him on the middle road. Whose video is going viral. This case is 2 days old.

Similar Incidents

Some similar pictures have also come from Chhattisgarh, Surajpur DM Ranbir Sharma, who has now been removed from that post, drunk under the power of DM, Ranvir Sharma slapped one such young man in the guise of Corona Guidelines, broke his mobile.

Let me tell you that the man’s fault was that he had come out to take medicine for his grandmother fighting with Corona. Although Ranveer Sharma was removed from the post of DM after the video of this incident went viral, the question arises as to whether the officers who are unbridled will be punished for their mistake by the transfer itself.

In the Corona period, it has become common for officers to be uncontrolled. A few weeks ago, an IAS officer in Tripura also got so drunk at the wedding ceremony that he forgot to follow the law himself before teaching others a law lesson.

Shailesh Kumar Yadav was the DM in Tripura at that time. In fact, Shailesh Kumar Yadav had raided two places and stopped the wedding ceremonies happening during the Corona period. But is this the way to follow the rules of lockdown? Shailesh Kumar Yadav drove the band members first. After that, those involved in the wedding were taken out of the marriage hall. Not only this, the DM also asked the bride to step down from the stage.

But as DM Sahib was moving forward, his anger was going to the seventh sky. He was a senior officer, so he felt that whatever he would do, he would do right. He misbehaved with the men, women and elders attending the wedding, including the groom. The DM had even pushed the groom out. How can anyone imagine that a DM will treat his people like hooligans at the wedding ceremony.

But the intoxication of power is such that when it rides on the mind, what is right, what is wrong. It is one thing to follow Corona’s guidelines, but when senior officers behave like this, people are bound to get angry. Then Shailesh Kumar Yadav also suffered the brunt of the hooliganism he committed in the name of Corona. The Tripura government suspended him as soon as the video went viral.

IAS Manjusha Vikrant Rai Contacts

Designation : Additional Collector
Phone : 07364-226727

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