Google Doodle Celebrates 2020 Tokyo Olympics with seven minigames, Check Now

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Google Doodle Celebrates 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Google Doodle Celebrates 2020 Tokyo Olympics: The Tokyo Olympics are set to begin on Friday, and keeping in that friendly competitive spirit, Google is launching “Champion Island,” their largest-ever Doodle game, letting you compete for one of four teams across seven different minigames and explore a fantastic world.

Created in partnership with STUDIO4°C, a respected Japanese animation studio, this latest Google Doodle lets you take on the role of Lucky the Ninja Cat as she finds herself on Champion Island as a festival is underway. You get started in the game by joining a team — Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green, the four colors of the “Google” logo — then venturing to one of the seven competition areas.

Each competition is its own minigame that has you face off against each sport’s champions, as inspired by a relevant character or creature from Japanese history and folklore. For instance, the archery minigame pits you against a champion inspired by famed samurai Nasu no Yoichi.

There are also competitions for table tennis, skateboarding, rugby, artistic swimming, climbing, and marathon running, with each sport featuring a real-time global leaderboard. Along the journey, you may find secrets and side quests that encourage you to explore Champion Island to its fullest.

Considering most Google Doodles consist of a single minigame, it’s easy to imagine how seven different games connected by an explorable world makes Champion Island the largest game ever to be featured on the Google homepage. The game tells Lucky’s story across a mixture of anime cutscenes and 16-bit retro game graphics, meant to harken back to Japanese games from the ’90s.

Though Google Doodles are generally meant to be played on the Google homepage, you can also find and play Champion Island ahead of its Friday launch directly on the Google Doodle blog. More importantly, it will be available to play there long after Google removes it from the homepage, should you ever want to dive back into the world of Champion Island.

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