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Who is Deputy Commandant Sandeep Dwivedi?

Deputy Commandant Sandeep Dwivedi is posted with the 201 Cobra Battalion of CRPF. Dwivedi, a passout commandant from Sainik School, has become the hero of many people at this time. During this attack, two bullets were hit on his right arm. During this attack, two bullets were hit on his right arm, but still he kept fighting the naxalites.

On Sunday, CRPF Director General Kuldeep Singh met him. He is out of danger at the moment. A photograph of him has surfaced in which he is smiling.

His grin is telling that no matter what happens, the naxalites will not be allowed to succeed in their intentions. No information about Deputy Commandant Manish Kumar has been available yet.

Why the naxalite attack happened

Director General Kuldeep Singh has said that Naxalites have been disappointed at this time. They say that the CRPF has built its camps in the deserted areas of Chhattisgarh.

This is what is bothering them. He has said that now more serious operations will be conducted against him. The Naxalite attack in Chhattisgarh on Saturday is considered to be an omission of intelligence.

The CRPF had input of the presence of two top leaders Madavi Hidma and Sujatha. But according to the sources, there was nothing like this and it was a trap that the Naxalites had laid.

The CRPF chief met his troops including the field commander of the operation, second-in-command rank officer Sandeep Dwivedi of the 210 CoBRA Battalion and deputy commandant Manish Kumar.

The DG said his force, the lead combat unit for anti-Naxal operations in the country, will see and analyse “what changes have been brought by the Naxals and how can we counter them so that we again can come heavy on them.”

He said the Maoists have looted the weapons of “less than 21 jawans”.

Some weapons of the killed personnel were brought back by those who survived the attack, he said.

Tweets on This Naxal Attack

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