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Who is Dawn Butler?

Dawn Butler aka Dawn Petula Butler born on 3 November 1969, is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Brent Central since 2015.

Butler was elected as the MP for Brent South at the 2005 general election. She served in Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s government as Parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet Office and Minister for Young Citizens and Youth Engagement from 2009 to 2010. 

Dawn Butler Biography, Wiki

Dawn Butler was born in Forest Gate in East London, to Jamaican immigrant parents Milo and Ambrozene Butler; she has one sister and four brothers. She was educated at Tom Hood School in Leytonstone and Waltham Forest College, both in London.

She worked as an officer of the GMB Union, including time as a national race and equality officer. Butler was also an adviser to the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, on employment and social issues.

BornDawn Petula Butler
3 November 1969 (age 51)
Newham, London, England
Political partyLabour
WebsiteOfficial website 

Dawn Butler thrown out of Commons for PM lie accusation

Labour MP Dawn Butler has been ordered to leave the Commons chamber after she refused to withdraw accusations that Boris Johnson is a liar.

Ms Butler said the prime minister had “lied to the House and the country over and over again”.

Under parliamentary rules, MPs are not allowed to accuse each other of lying in the House of Commons.

The acting Deputy Speaker asked the MP to withdraw her remarks but Ms Butler refused and was ordered to leave.

The incident took place during the final debate in the House of Commons before MPs leave Westminster for the summer.

Ms Butler used her speech to attack the prime minister for “misleading this House” during the pandemic.

The Brent Central MP cited past statements on economic growth, nurses’ bursaries and investment in the NHS as proof of the prime minister’s dishonesty.

The rules governing behaviour in the Commons state that MPs are not allowed to use abusive language or accuse another MP of either being drunk or a liar.

Acting Deputy Speaker Judith Cummins interrupted Ms Butler and asked her to “reflect on her words and perhaps correct the record”.

Ms Butler replied: “At the end of the day, the prime minister has lied to this House time and time again and it’s funny that we get in trouble in this place for calling out the lie, rather than the person lying.”

Ms Cummins again urged the MP to take back her comments but Ms Butler said, “I have reflected on my words and somebody needs to tell the truth in this House that the prime minister has lied.”

The Deputy Speaker then ordered Ms Butler to withdraw from the Commons for the rest of the day’s sitting.

Dawn Butler thrown out of Commons for PM lie accusation

Dawn Butler Career

Dawn Butler was elected as the MP for Brent South at the 2005 general election. She served in Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s government as Parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet Office and Minister for Young Citizens and Youth Engagement from 2009 to 2010. She lost her seat at the 2010 general election to Sarah Teather from the Liberal Democrats. She returned to Parliament as the MP for Brent Central at the 2015 general election.

In October 2016, she was appointed to the new role of Shadow Minister for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities by Jeremy Corbyn after his election as new Labour Leader, later becoming a close ally of him. In February 2017, she resigned from the frontbench to vote against the triggering of Article 50, which formally launched the Brexit negotiations.

She returned as Shadow Minister for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities in June 2017, before being promoted to the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities in August 2017. She stood in the 2020 Labour Party deputy leadership election and came last; in fifth place. She was not appointed to the new Shadow Cabinet in 2020 and returned to the backbenches.

Butler appeared on British Vogue‘s 2020 list of 25 influential women.

Dawn Butler’s Political controversies

Obama endorsement

In January 2009, Butler received an endorsement from US President Barack Obama. She initially denied that her office had written it but later corrected herself and clarified that the endorsement had been written by her staff with the consent of Obama’s aides, then signed by Obama when they met.


In March 2009, Butler was criticised for claiming the second home allowance, despite her main home in Stratford being the same distance from Parliament as her Brent South home, however her office stressed that she moved into the Wembley house after being elected in 2005 to allow her to serve her constituents. Following a number of errors in 2005–8, which resulted in a £2,600 overcharge, and after discussion with the Parliamentary Fees Office, most of the overcharge was offset against later expenses; with the remainder repaid. The 2009-10 Review of past ACA payments found no issues affecting her.

Other criticism

In October 2019, one of Corbyn’s advisors accused Butler of homophobia after she said that “90 per cent of giraffes are gay” at the PinkNews awards.

In February 2020, Butler was criticised following an interview with Richard Madeley on Good Morning Britain during which she stated that: “A child is born without sex”. She was taking part in a debate about reactions to updates to Gender Recognition Act 2004 which were proposed by the governing Conservative Party. Butler later clarified that she was referencing gender neutrality, where people can identify as non-binary.

In September 2020, Butler was criticised after she praised, in a tweet later deleted, Extinction Rebellion protestors who blocked the printworks of several major newspapers.

Butler was criticised for her failure to sign on to the Board of Deputies of British Jews’ “Ten pledges to end the antisemitism crisis”; she stated that “I haven’t signed the 10 pledges because I want the EHRC report to be implemented in the party. And then we sit down with the Board of Deputies, JLM, the other Jewish groups, and we have a discussion about where we go next. I don’t want to rush this. It’s too important to rush it and we have to get it right”.

Dawn Butler’s address

House of Commons London, SW1A 0AA

Phone: 020 7219 8591

Email: [email protected]


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