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What is a Life Insurance?

Best Life Insurance Policy In India 2021: For me, life insurance is like a gate of an empire and acts as the first line of defense in protecting myself and safeguard my family. Every now and then you might have heard of someone diagnosed with cancer or severe disease that takes a toll on both physical and financial health. While I pray for a healthy life for you ahead, it is important to always be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Now in case you get detected by any of these critical illnesses, you might have to dig into your funds that you were saving up for your retirement and other upcoming life goals. Most importantly, no one can predict the treatment expenses. There might be a good chance that it might erode everything you have built-in from the past 20 years in just a month.

*But I don’t think anyone can be foolish enough and neither are you because you know what you got to do instead of scratching your savings account.

One can avail different types of insurance plans (Term, ULIP, Endowment, Savings, Whole Life, Retirement) today which can be either specific or a combined one, but what matters is what your insurance needs are? One should feel that the plan has been tailored especially for them which will cover anything which might bother their family. Also, the pandemic was unseen before and came out of the syllabus for everyone out there. This means we all have to upgrade the insurance plans we have taken or buy a new one!

If you are searching for the best life insurance policy, then your search for the best options ends here as I am providing you with a complete list of the 5 best life insurance policies in India.

5 Best Life Insurance Policy In India

1. New Jeevan Anand (LIC)

Considering past performance, this insurance comes at the top as it completely fits the perception of life insurance that a consumer wants. The New Jeevan Anand plan from the LIC Life insurance is a mixture of dual benefits including protection as well as a savings plan. This transforms into the usual security against your ill-timed death in terms of financial assistance for your family as well as maturity benefits if you survive the policy term period. The multifaceted approach of this insurance policy makes it one of the best life insurance policies available in India.

2. HDFC SL Crest

It is basically a short term unit linked insurance (ULIP) plan that works on the premise of assisting you in achieving your investment goals in a relatively short period of 10 years, whereas alongside providing the required financial cover to your family against the potential perils emerging from your ill-timed demise. As a consumer you have to pay the premiums for just 5 years to enjoy market linked returns for the comprehensive duration of 10 years.

3. SBI Life Insurance– eShield 

If you are searching for a robust life insurance policy, then this is what you are looking for. It is one of the trusted life insurance policies as the name of SBI is associated with it. It is a comprehensive term plan that is non linked and non participating in nature. This policy is best for those who are looking for financial protection that provides complete peace of mind and domain capability that will surely be supplied by SBI Life.

4. SBI Life Insurance – Shubh Nivesh 

Yet another versatile product from SBI Life. It is a non-linked entity that provides dual benefits of endowment assurances and whole life coverage as well. This policy permits for maturity benefits- a lump sum amount paid in case you live through the tenure period, or conversion of the payable amount into a regular income source for a chosen duration of time. Alternatively, your family enjoys the financial benefits in case of your unfortunate demise during the policy tenure.

5. AEGON Religare iTerm Plan

If you are thinking about purchasing the best life insurance policy, then you must think about AEGON Religare iTerm Plan. It is a trusted brand name.This plan ensures the protection of your family at a part of the conventional cost. This trouble-free, robust, scalable and efficiently managed plan is all set to be the top life insurance policy in 2016. Nowadays, the most common confusion among the life insurance buyers is the reliability of online life insurance plans.

There are many life insurance plans available in the online as well as an offline market which varies by prices and even features. People usually ask: Are life insurance plans reliable? If so, then why do companies offer their plans at a lower premium, online as compared to traditional offline life insurance plans. Don’t get confused, let us tell you the fact behind the same. Online insurers offer insurance plans at lower prices due to the lower distribution costs as compared to the offline companies which are present in limited cities and want better profiles of the consumers.

So these were the top Best Life Insurance Policy In India 2021 right now. Choose anyone as per your need and demand from the life insurances.

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