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Who is Anne Robinson?

Anne Robinson or Anne Josephine Robinson born on 26 September 1944 is an English television presenter and journalist. Anne Robinson is known for her acerbic style of presenting and reality television shows. She presented the British programme Points of View (1987–1997) and was one of the presenters on the consumer affairs show Watchdog (1993–2001, 2009–2015). 

Anne Robinson Biography, Wiki

Anne Robinson was born in Crosby, Lancashire, on 26 September 1944 and is of Irish descent. Her father was a schoolteacher. Her mother, Anne Josephine, who was an alcoholic, was an agricultural businesswoman from Northern Ireland, where she was the manager of a market stall. When she came to England, she married into her husband’s family of wholesale chicken dealers and sold rationed rabbits after the Second World War. She inherited the family market stall in Liverpool and transformed it into one of the largest wholesale poultry dealing businesses in the north of England.

Brought up initially at the family home in Crosby, Robinson attended a private Roman Catholic convent boarding school in Hampshire, Farnborough Hill Convent, now known as Farnborough Hill. She was hired as a chicken gutter and saleswoman during the holidays in the family business, before taking office jobs at a law firm. The family spent their summers on holiday in France, often at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes.

Anne Robinson gained her highest profile as the host of the BBC game show The Weakest Link (2000–2012), a role she reprised on the American version of the show (2001 to 2002). Robinson also returned to the role for a special in honour of Children in Need in November 2017. In February 2021, Robinson was announced as the next host of Channel 4’s Countdown, and will take over from Nick Hewer on 28 June.

BornAnne Josephine Robinson
26 September 1944 (age 76)
Crosby, Lancashire, England
OccupationPresenter, journalist
Years active1967–present
TelevisionPoints of View (1987–1997)
Watchdog (1993–2001, 2009–2015)
The Weakest Link (2000–2012, 2017)
Countdown (2021–present)
Spouse(s)Charles Wilson​​(m. 1968; div. 1973)​
John Penrose​​(m. 1980; div. 2007)​
Anne Robinson Biography, Wiki

Anne Robinson To Host Countdown

Robinson’s appointment to the show has, inevitably, attracted controversy. As soon as it was announced, social media users dug up old clips from the Weakest Link, where she would pick on contestants for their appearance, sexuality or the fact they were on benefits. Her habit of humiliating members of the public, some argued, made her an unsuitable host for Countdown.

“It is a baffling decision,” wrote Rupert Hawksley in the Independent. “This gentle, mid-afternoon game show, best enjoyed with a cup of tea and a slice of Battenberg, deserves better than Robinson’s vicious tongue and pursed lips.” Channel 4 must have known this was coming, and indeed stuck by her as she was set upon by the Twitterati.

Anne Robinson To Host Countdown
Anne Robinson To Host Countdown

Robinson will have to put up with a gruelling diary as Countdown’s new host. “It’s quite a schedule,” she comments, “it’s five shows a day, which in effect means you do a week’s programme each day.”

She hasn’t requested any advice from Hewer, despite it being offered. “Through the producer, he very kindly said he was available. But, and this isn’t meant to be rude, I sort of thought it was it was information I could do nothing with. You know, it would be like Gary Lineker telling me how to do Match of the Day. We’re just two completely different people.”

Countdown Promo Video

Anne Robinson Personal Life and Family

In 1973, Robinson lost a custody battle for her only child, Emma, then aged two. Charles Wilson was granted sole custody, care and control of Emma, who subsequently lived with her father until she left home at 16 for boarding school. An admitted alcoholic, Robinson stopped drinking on 12 December 1978 after picking her daughter up from school and driving to a petrol station to buy a bottle of vodka and joined Alcoholics Anonymous that year.

Robinson married journalist John Penrose in 1980. On 30 September 2007, the couple announced that they were planning to divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences”. In 2001, she published her autobiography, Memoirs of an Unfit Mother, in which she describes her former drinking problem. In 2001, Robinson was diagnosed with skin cancer and had surgery to treat it. She has two grandchildren.

Anne Robinson Controversies

In 2001, she was accused of racism towards the Welsh, after describing them as “irritating and annoying” while appearing as a guest on Room 101.

Robinson caused controversy on The Weakest Link when she made former Blue Peter presenter John Noakes cry after asking “What was the end for Shep?” Shep had been Noakes’s pet dog both on and off Blue Peter.

Robinson is a vocal supporter of fox hunting and, before it was banned in 2004, was a key supporter of the pro-hunt cause. The Guardian claims she has ridden with the White Horse Hunt. In February 2002, she hosted a spin-off version of The Weakest Link in Cirencester to raise funds for the local White Horse Hunt. The event was picketed by around 100 protesters from the League Against Cruel Sports, around 70 animal rights activists returning from another demonstration joined the picket, culminating in a near riot. The event eventually went ahead after Robinson was escorted into the venue by local police.

The previous year she was also accused of bigotry when she told a female prison officer that she must be a lesbian.

At the end of October 2017 on BBC Radio’s Today programme, Robinson responded to the accusations of sexual abuse made against multiple men which had followed Harvey Weinstein allegations published earlier in the month. She accused women of not complaining until now.

Anne Robinson Personal Quotes

“Sad old blokes, I’m told, now dream of me with a whip in hand.”

“I knew I’d conquered America when Mike Tyson told me I was one mean lady.”

“You are the weakest link. Goodbye.”

“[to a Weakest Link contestant] Why are you dressed like a lesbian?”

“[trying to get the Welsh put into Room 101] And what are they for?”

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