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Anna Mani Biography, Wiki: Anna Mani was a well-known figure, and people have been searching about her for quite a time. Many people want to know about her personal life like her biography, wiki, cause of death, education, discovery, story, family, age, and income, and some want to know about her professional life. We have come out with all the information about Anna Mani so keep reading to know more about her.

Who was Anna Mani?

Anna Mani born on 23 August 1918 was an Indian physicist and meteorologist. She retired as the Deputy Director General of the Indian Meteorological Department and further served as a visiting professor at the Raman Research Institute.

Anna Mani’s Educational Background

Anna Mani wanted to pursue dancing, but she decided in favour of physics because she liked the subject. In 1939, Anna Mani graduated from the Pachaiyappas College in Chennai (then Madras), with a B.Sc Honors degree in physics and chemistry. In 1940, she won a scholarship for research in the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. In 1945, she went to Imperial College, London to pursue graduate studies in Physics. However, she ended up specialising in meteorological instruments.

Anna Mani’s Family, Parents, Siblings

Anna Modayil Mani was born in 1918 at Peermade, Kerala to an ancient Syrian Christian family. Her father was a civil engineer and an agnostic. She was the seventh of eight children in her family.

Anna Mani’s family was a typical upper-class professional household where from childhood the male children were groomed for high-level careers, whereas the daughters were primed for marriage. But Anna Mani would have none of it. The world of books opened her to new ideas and imbued in her a deep sense of social justice which informed and shaped her life.

She was impressed by the activities of Gandhi during Vaikom satyagraha. Inspired by the nationalist movement, she took to wearing only khadi garments.

Deeply dedicated to her work, Anna Mani never married.

Anna Mani’s Career & Achievements

Anna Mani worked under Prof. C V Raman after graduating from the Pachai college. She was researching on the optical properties of ruby and diamond. After returning to India in 1948, she joined the Meteorological department in Pune.

By 1953, she had become the head of the division with a 121 men working for her. Anna Mani wished to make India independent in weather instruments.

She was made a member of the International Ozone Association. She set up a meteorological observatory and an instrumentation tower at the Thumba rocket launching facility.

She made several contributions to the field of meteorological instrumentation, conducted research and published numerous papers on solar radiation, ozone and wind energy measurements.

Anna Mani Biography, Wiki

Born23 August 1918
Peermade, Kerala
Died16 August 2001 (aged 82)
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Scientific career
FieldsMeteorology, Physics
InstitutionsIndian Meteorological Department, Pune and
Raman Research Institute, Bangalore

Anna Mani Death, Cause Of Death

In 1994 Anna Mani suffered from a stroke, and died on 16 August 2001 in Thiruvananthapuram.

The World Meteorological Organization remembered her on 100 birth anniversary and published her life profile along with Anna interview. 

Anna Mani’s Publications

  • 1992. Wind Energy Resource Survey in India
  • 1981. Solar Radiation over India
  • 1980. The Handbook for Solar Radiation data for India

Anna Mani FAQ

Who was Anna Mani?

Anna Mani born on 23 August 1918 was an Indian physicist and meteorologist.

What was Anna Mani’s cause of death?

In 1994 Anna Mani suffered from a stroke and died on 16 August 2001 in Thiruvananthapuram.

What was Anna Mani’s age when she died?

Anna Mani was 82 years old when she died.

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