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Amazon Daily Quiz is the most popular online quiz at the moment, especially in India. This quiz debuted first time in the year 2017 and is being organized by the Amazon India Team. The quiz has garnered a lot of attention from users across India and comprises 5 questions usually every day. You need to answer all 5 questions correctly if you want to win the quiz and our blog renders the fastest answers.

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Most questions in the Amazon Quiz screw your general knowledge on current affairs from the entire world. Mostly, there are a total of 5 questions and every question has four options to choose the correct answer. The participants must select the correct answer from those options. All contestants who give correct answers stand a chance for the lucky draw and you disqualify if you select the wrong answer for any question.

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Amazon Quiz Answers Today Details

Quiz Prize: Rs 30000
Quiz Begin Date : 25 September 2021
Available On : Amazon App Only
Time Period: 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.
Check Winner __

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Amazon Quiz Answers Today 25 September 2021

Question 1: On 9th August, 1945 the United States dropped a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki. What was the bomb called?

Answer 1: Fat Man

Question 2: Which WWE superstar plays the role of ‘Peacemaker’ in the 2021 movie ‘Suicide Squad’?

Answer 2: John Cena

Question 3: India were bowled out for 78 in the first innings of a Test match played at which venue in England in 2021?

Answer 3: Headingley

Question 4: Which Chinese Province is the largest of these statues located in?

Answer 4: Sichuan

Question 5: Which biological process do grapes undergo, in order to produce this type of alcohol?

Answer 5: Fermentation

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How to Play Amazon Daily Quiz

1. Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store and Install the amazon app.

2. Sign in if you already have an app or sign-up if you are new to the Amazon app.

3. Open the app and go to find “Funzone” & Find The Quiz.

4. Then play Amazon Quiz

5. There should be a total of 5 questions to answer. (Check our Telegram Channel for all quiz answers updates daily)

Where do I get fastest Answers for Amazon Quiz Answers? (मुझे सबसे तेज़ उत्तर कहाँ मिलते हैं?)

You are on the perfect blog which works hard for you to send you quickest answers so do save this blog link in your mobile or cookies for daily updates. (आप एकदम सही ब्लॉग पर हैं जो आपको सबसे तेज़ उत्तर भेजने के लिए कड़ी मेहनत करता है इसलिए दैनिक अपडेट के लिए इस ब्लॉग लिंक को अपने मोबाइल या कुकी में सेव करें)

What is Amazon Funzone?

Amazon Funzone is the place in the Amazon app for finding new quizzes and games daily and you can correctly answer questions daily to win attractive gifts, prizes. There are various contests running on the Amazon Funzone section, but the most famous one is Amazon Daily Quiz. Apart from Amazon Daily Quiz, Amazon also comes with trivia, spin and win, and other quizzes too. On Funzone, prizes are different starting from consumer electronics or cashback in the form of Amazon Pay balance if you win the quiz.

What is Amazon Daily Quiz?

Amazon daily quiz is a quiz available on Amazon app only, driven and managed by Amazon India where you stand a chance to win “exciting prizes every day”. Amazon Daily Quiz now starts at 12 am mid-night India time and is available for 24 hours. Amazon mobile app is the only place where this quiz can be played and you can play a quiz on Amazon desktop or mobile desktop mode.

How to get Today’s amazon quiz answers?

  • You are at the right place for this question in this universe. Our website/blog provides fastest answers than anyone else for all Quizzes that is running on the Amazon app. We request you to hop this space daily and keep our blog link saved in your cookies for the quickest answers. All correct answers are provided daily.

When are winners announced for Amazon Quizes? 

  • Mostly, all winning participants names are shared next day but sometimes, can have a span of few days before winners details are publicly out. For few quizzes like, “Spin & Win” or any special one, lucky winning contestants are disclosed only when the quiz closes. You can check winners on Amazon app for your knowledge in the quiz page.  

How to find daily question on amazon app? 

  • You should check Amazon App Home page and you will see 3 lines on left side top, and then find “Programs and Features” and then jump over to “FunZone”. You will then get to see all the latest quizzes in the FunZone banner. You can also find “quiz” on the Amazon app and then find “Funzone” for the quiz that you want to play. Currently, these quizzes are only running on mobile app so you can play on Amazon mobile app only.

How to win Amazon Daily Quiz?

  • There is no guarantee to winning the quiz, if you like to stand a chance to win the quiz then you need to submit all answers correctly, accurately and timely. You will see all correct and accurate answers with options for all quizzes on our blog every day. Above, we have detailed you about how to start the quiz so daily play the quiz and hold your breath for winners to be disclosed. If you are one of the happy winner then you will get an email from Amazon or you will find details through app notifications..

Amazon Daily Quiz क्या है?

  • Amazon Quiz is the daily quiz maintained by the Amazon India team that screw your intelligence level about many things in the arena of general knowledge, science, and technology. There are usually 5 questions that are needed to be answered correctly to conquest the quiz and a new quiz comes available daily at 12:00am IST.

What is the selection criteria win amazon daily quiz? 

  • Selection criteria for winning the quiz is very simple, in short, answer correctly and win prizes. Final winners are randomly selected by a random draw of lots by the Amazon team and only few participants are taken for the selection.

How to get correct answers for the amazon daily quiz?

  • You can get all correct answers on this page, so come here daily when you first start the quiz.

How winners receive the prize if won?

  • Lucky winners receive their prize on their email address for the quiz and they also receive app notifications if they have won. Amazon sends gifts cards on the registered email id and also send you timely notifications to keep you informed.

Is it highly required to tweet on twitter?

  • No, It is your wish and not highly necessary to tweet this on Twitter. You still can win the quiz even if you are not sharing this on Twitter, however it is always a good way to do that and also let your friends and family know about the quiz so that they can also participate.

What is Amazon Spin And Win contest and how to play it?

  • Spin and Win is again a daily quiz on Amazon App only and in this quiz, participants try their hands to Spin the wheel before a question is shown to them by tapping on the “Tap to Spin” option. The contest prize is shared after the outcome of that spin and you can receive your prize by pushing the “Claim Your Prize” button. You will find the questions to answer that will enables you to win the quiz.

Amazon Quiz Terms & Conditions

  • All rights are completely reserved by Amazon, please spend some time on terms and conditions here. It is highly recommended to view Terms and Conditions on the Amazon Daily Quiz Page. All details and information provided here are solely provided in good faith and are for entertainment and educational purposes only. This quiz is managed for you by Amazon. We do not guarantee anyone for winning any prizes or gifts or money and make no representation or warranty you for the accuracy and cleanliness of information. Therefore, we shall have no liability to anybody, any person for any damage or loss. Viewers’ discretion is highly advised.

Does entering the lucky draw guarantee a win

Not at all, getting in the lucky draw does not guarantee a win. It simply informs you that you are part of the list of customers who are all eligible to win. Winners are chosen from this box of names that selects winners without any human intervention.

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