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Agarbatti Business Ideas: Earn Big Money while being at home, Modi Govt is also helping | Our Website – FitnessFreak360

Agarbatti Business Idea: If you are looking for work and you’re not getting any work, there’s no reason to be worried. It is also a great idea. Many people believe that it is where will the money be able to conduct business, we are saying that in a business, that it does not need a large sum. This business has huge potential to make thousands of rupees while working from your home.

Yes, we’re telling you about the process of making Agarbatti. This is a food item that is in high demand all through all of life. Its popularity increases when you marry or on religious occasions, such as weddings, worship, and other religious celebrations.

According to reports from the media that there are reports that the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has completed an analysis of manufacturing incense sticks. According to this report, this business doesn’t require a lot of technological advancement and doesn’t require any specific equipment. Furthermore, this business could start with less money.

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Agarbatti Business Idea: How much will it cost you

Different kinds of machines are employed to create incense sticks. They include mixers dryers, mixers, and the primary production machines. The cost of making agarbatti with agarbatti machines in India can range from Rs 35000 to 175000. using this machine, One can produce around 150 and 200 sticks in just a matter of minutes like a robot and the expense of buying this machine starts from 90000 rupees to 175000 rupees. A machine that is automated can make 100kg incense sticks every day and working yourself, can help one taking a ride with less than 15,000 rupees.

Agarbatti Business Idea: Where to buy raw material from?

Ingredients required to make incense sticks contains Gum Powder, Charcoal Powder, Bamboo, Nargis Powder, Aromatic Oil, Water, Cents, Flower Petals, Sandalwood Wood, Gelatin Paper, Shaw Dust, Packaging Material. Contact the trustable market vendor for the availability of raw ingredients.

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Agarbatti Business Idea: How to boost sales

Your product will be sold through the packaging you design. Get a professional in packaging for packaging design and design your packaging to be attractive. Can market incense sticks for sale. If you have the funds, make an online site for the company and advertise your products.

Agarbatti Business Idea: How much you will earn?

If you run an annual business worth 40 lakh rupees, you could make 4000 rupees, with 10% profits. This illustrates that you could earn a minimum of 35000 rupees each month. You can also check Govt website for any help regarding the business.


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