Aditya Tiwari Rapper MC Kode Biography, Missing, Wiki, Age, Instagram, Controversial Rap

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Who is Aditya Tiwari or MC Kode?

MC Kode is an Indian rapper who landed into a huge controversy after his rap battle video which was released on YouTube on 12 June 2016 went viral in 2021.

Aditya Tiwari Rapper MC Kode Controversies

In one of his rap battles, he battled against BK, the son of a political leader in Tripura in which he rapped some objectionable lines against the politician. Soon, he started receiving threat calls from various cities in India. In an interview, Kode said,

Someone found my college and called, seeking information. I then got two more police phone calls from the Northeast [of India] threatening me, before I got one from here [in New Delhi].” 

In 2021, his old rap battle videos which was originally released on 12 June 2016 on YouTube went viral. He received huge criticism and hatred from the netizens for using abusive and Hinduphobic words in the video. A few lines from his video were,

If you are a Hindu, I will f*ck your Gau, I will f*ck your holy cow…I will fu*king mast**bate on Mahabharata, Geeta Geeta.”

Soon after the video went viral, he started getting threat calls and abusive comments. Later, he issued an apology video and post on his Instagram account in which he requested to delete all his videos and songs from the live streaming apps and YouTube. He then shared a cryptical post on his Instagram account in which he gave a hint of committing suicide, and since then, he went missing from his hometown, New Delhi.

MC Kode Instagram Post

MC Kode, whose handle is ‘forreal_kode’, posted a lengthy post on Instagram, describing how he is facing life’s constant pains, trials and tribulations, which have left him vulnerable after the video went viral. . In his post, MC Code said that he is standing on a deserted bridge over the Yamuna river, where he can see the waves ‘responding to the voice given in his trouble’.

Aditya Tiwari Rapper MC kode Instagram Post
Aditya Tiwari Rapper MC kode Instagram Post

Threatening to end his life, the rapper said that he can only apologize as his selfish deeds would surely cause a lot of hurt. He also urged others not to harass those associated with him and said that he does not blame anyone but himself for anything.

Kode’s fans and other netizens, on the other hand, have taken to social media platforms to escalate the phenomenon and her physical appearance to anyone who can find her. For example, a major identifying mark is a neck tattoo reading ’51’. #SaveMCCode and #BringBackMCCode are also some of the hashtags that are trending. Many users also tagged Delhi Police.

Aditya Tiwari Rapper MC Kode Missing

Aditya Tiwari, also know as MC code, is a 22-year-old rapper who has been missing for nearly a week now. This was after he had was trolled for a cryptic post on social media network Instagram. A 6-year-old rap battle video of Aditya went viral recently; as a response to that, he was subjected to many social media trolling, death threats, followed by his and phone number also getting leaked.

The trolling didn’t end even after the rapper issued a public apology in a social media note, sharing his trauma. In that post, he mentioned that he wanted to be at peace, citing all the problems he had faced. An abduction case has been filed after the rapper goes missing, and an investigation is still going on.

Aditya Tiwari Rapper MC Kode Biography, Wiki, Biodata

MC Kode’s real name is Aditya Tiwari. And it is very much discussed about its songs. He has always been very fond of singing songs. Aditya Tiwari, who has named himself MC Code to fame as a rapper, is a rapper based in New Delhi. Over the years, he has hosted, participated and judged rap battles in several states including Mumbai, Gujarat, Guwahati, Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

NameAditya Tiwari
Real NameAditya Tiwari
FamousMC Kode
ProfessionMusician (Rapper)
Date Of BirthAt to be Update
AgeAt to be Update
School NameAt to be Update
College nameAt to be Update
MC Kode Real NameAditya Tiwari
SalaryNot Known
Source of IncomeSocial Media
Marital StatusMarried

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